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Education essay Assignment Examples

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Taking Control of My Life

School, why are you going back to school? That is the question I have been answering for the last few months. I have a good job, make good money, and have worked for the same company for the last 11 plus years. Why would someone start all over again? When that question comes up, I…

Making a Difference

Over the past two years, I have done quite well as a friend, daughter, and student. I have had so much responsibility and commitment, and through my tireless efforts, I have been able to give it my all with the expectations that have been placed upon me. I truly believe that out of everything I…

Misrepresentation of College Students

For a majority of high school students, after graduation the next step usually is to continue their education by attending college. According to Thomas R. Wolanin, a senior associate at the Institute for High Education Policy, a vast majority of those students and their families will probably be discouraged to do so because of the…



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The New York Times

An article was published in The New York Times by Max Roosevelt titled “Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grades Disputes. ” The focus of this editorial was to highlight what is often seen as a disruption to grades and our educational system. Many students these days feel they are entitled to higher grades because they…

Dana Hall Co-Educational

In trying to put myself in the position of the new director of Dana Hall Elaine Betts, the question that must be addressed to the mission review committee is should Dana Hall embrace co-education as opposed to single-sex education for their all girl boarding school? Right now it appears that given how strong some of…

Sleeping with the Enemy: Wikipedia in the College Classroom

Wikipedia is unequivocally useful in terms of information access given its broad spectrum of subjects it covers in over 3. 1 million articles. It is however devoid of a scholarly backbone due to lack to restrictions as to who can alter information it contains. The merit of this lack of restriction is that its enthusiasts…

No Child Left Behind

According to Bruce Bowser (1992), the debate regarding reading education techniques is one of the most fundamental issues in education. Furthermore, considering the significance of education as a social institution, the concern for effective educational programs is critical to society. According to Macionis and associates (2006), there is universal recognition that education is a platform…

Social responsibility

Social responsibility for today’s business students involves the authentic understanding of financial institutions and money markets. I say this because prior to the current financial crisis, there was a large number of young ambitious business minded individuals who were more focused on gaining personal capital than contributing to society. This can be seen with the…

Faculty Evaluation System

Evaluation of faculty’s performance is a very important part of any educational institution. Faculty is a type of resource and the educational institution should annually strive to determine whether the faculty resource is producing the results consistent with its vision, mission and objectives. The goals of conducting faculty evaluation are many but the common ones…

Mentoring vs Induction Programs

Many new teachers are not prepared when they enter the system as an educator. Some did not anticipate the heavy work load, low pay, stress or lack of resources that comes with teaching and as a result 15 percent of teachers leave the field after their first year (Kauchak). Some districts and states have come…

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Education essay

Essay writing is a common task for any college student. This assignment type improves their thinking skills and allows young minds to show their writing potential and ability to express their thoughts.

Some students face difficulties when it comes to writing a certain paper. Research, personal style, proper structure, interesting topic, and other things might make any student feel lost. So, in order to understand how to write a good education essay, we need to look closer at this assignment type.

Benefits of Writing Education Essays

There are many reasons why professors often ask college students to write essays. Some want to find out how students conduct an independent research; others are interested in every participant’s personal writing style.

But there are certain benefits of working with education papers, such as:

  • they are a great learning tool and an excellent source of information;
  • they allow students to enhance their creativity, encourage them to
  • express themselves, present some new ideas, apply their knowledge, and use their imagination;
  • education essays can contribute to future research;
  • they help students and professors attain academic goals.

How to Write a Great Essay

Writing process can be rather challenging. Some students spend hours staring at the blank piece of paper, trying to come up with some unique ideas, thinking about a great topic, or trying to organize their thoughts.

If you sometimes find yourself struggling with any type of writing assignment, check out the following tips, which might help you get a better understanding of how to write like a pro without fuss or worries.

Start as soon as you can. Even if you have a lot of time to finish your task, it’s always better to start early. You don’t have to get right to the actual essay writing, just start by thinking about your paper, write down some first ideas, consider the questions you would like to address in your essay and make an approximate draft. This way, you will finish the work in time. Also, this will give you an opportunity to think thoroughly about your text and change it in the process.

Collecting data and materials is another important step you need to take as soon as you can because you will need a lot of time to sort everything out and determine which info is relevant and which material won’t contribute to your paper.

Keep in mind that it’s better to use diverse sources. Yes, libraries are amazing as they are the depositories of knowledge, and books have always been (and will always be) a great source of information. But looking for some additional ways to get information can never harm you. Special magazines, your lecture notes, blogs, and newspapers can really help you discover some new interesting ideas.

When starting to write, don’t forget that your essay has to be structured in a certain way. There’s a common pattern you should follow, which includes an introduction part, a body segment, and a conclusion paragraph. Mind that your introduction part and the conclusive section shouldn’t be too long. It depends on the length of the paper, but consider making an intro part that would take approximately 8% of the text volume and the conclusion paragraph that would take 15% of the text’s length.

It’s also beneficial to sort the text body into paragraphs. This way, it will be easier for you to organize your main ideas and thoughts, plus your readers will be able to comprehend the material fast and effortlessly.

How to Find Your Writing Style

Oftentimes students have hundreds of great ideas but feel concerned about their personal writing style. Don’t forget that your essay is the expression of your own thoughts and opinions, that’s why your style will definitely be unique. But if you wish to write clearly, there are some pieces of advice you should keep in mind:

  • avoid using complex words;
  • be straightforward;
  • try not to make your sentences too long;
  • combine short and long sentences for a good rhythm of the text;
  • avoid unnecessary abbreviations and slang words;
  • and try to stay clear and not to get distracted.

These simple rules will help you create a well-written paper.

Education Essay Topics

Choosing an inappropriate topic is one of the most common mistakes that college students make. Some of them prefer writing about something well-spread and easy; others tend to pick too complicated subjects and end up finding zero information about them.

The secret to choosing a great topic is taking your interests into consideration. Find something that really interests you and captures your imagination. Maybe it’s something linked to your hobbies, or, as we’re talking about education essays, something that’s connected to your field of knowledge or future profession.

Check out the essay examples here on Primetimeessay.com and look at the following topic ideas:

  • Child Education: Can Home Studies Be Better than Kindergarten?
  • Private and Public Colleges and the Levels of Education There;
  • Indian Education System;
  • How Can Bachelor Degree Benefit Your Future?
  • Masters Degree: Pros and Cons;
  • Unique Learning Methods;
  • Illiteracy as a Social Vice;
  • Education for Women in Muslim Countries;
  • The Technological Side of Education;
  • School Education in China;
  • Tools that Modern Teachers Use and Their Effectiveness.


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