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If you are reading this, you are, probably, interested in improving the level of originality for your essay. You are worried that even unintentional plagiarism can worsen your final grade for the course or you just want to make sure that the words, sentences which you have used in direct quotations have citations and proper references. All those students’ thoughts and cautions are very close to us. We understand how difficult it is to create 100% authentic work, and we know how to help you achieve this result before the ink is dry!

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Our online plagiarism checker free is an excellent solution to all your academic worries about getting F for cheating. We are ready to make your student life more exciting by saving lots of your precious time.

What do we do?

Our company has been operating on the creation of the best plagiarism checker free online for months. We have conducted a thorough research to understand which tools we should add to our service. Our free plagiarism detection is a powerful search-engine which inspects thousands of online documents in a few seconds. You even don’t notice how much work this service does after you just click “Start”. This plagiarism checker for students free can be compared to the work of our brain when we want to remember something. The neurons are wandering through the hippocampus to find the necessary information just as our anti-plagiarism system is looking through the World Wide Web to detect any copied words or sentences. All the discovered data is gathered in the detailed report.

It is how the system works. It makes instant thorough investigation of the huge amount of Internet sites to compare your work with thousands of other articles on the similar topics. The algorithm is the same all the time, but the result which you receive is priceless.

What should you do?

Now let’s see how the same process looks from the user’s side. Our main aim is to make the technology which is used by our service more sophisticated and detailed, and the time of checking – quicker. Now everything can be done up to 30 seconds including the time when you download the file. In the nearest future, you will be able to do this even faster.

All you have to do is divided into three necessary steps:

  1. Download the document or past the text.
  2. Click on the button to start checking.
  3. Get the final report.

Sounds simple, right? Believe us or not, it is just as simple as it looks. The more difficult task comes after you receive the results. You will discover the exact percentage of your text which is perceived as copied. But don’t begin rewriting the whole essay from scratch. Everything can be fixed sooner than you think. If you look thoroughly at the report, you will see that the words or sentences which are underlined have links which lead to the source of copying. Open those sites and change only this part which contains plagiarism. With the exact percentage rate of the authenticity level, you can improve your essay to the highest quality.

What are our values? embraces different types of help with students assignments. But no matter which service we provide, our TOP values remain stable.


You can always rely on our service because trustfulness is the underlying principle of our work. We guarantee that your work which is investigated for authenticity level will never be used anywhere else. What is more, we even have an automatic function which deletes your text from our server repositories when you delete it after receiving the final report.

Over the short term

Speed and accuracy are sometimes contradicting each other. At our site, these two terms are almost synonyms. Our result is excellent, and it is done over the short term.

Premium work

We don’t need any bonuses to make the work better than usual. Our mission is to become better every day and so does the result of our work.

What will you get in result?

Using our plagiarism detection tool, you open a new world of opportunities for enhancing your compositions. Give us a chance to show how beneficial our service is, and you will never hand in the final paper unless it is checked here. Keep in mind that teachers also can use our site to find out how original the students’ papers are. Don’t lose your chance to anticipate the result and improve your reputation of an honest and creative student.

Why should you choose

The service of detecting plagiarism is not a technological breakthrough anymore. There are lots of similar alternative websites all over the Internet. They all perform the same function, and each of them aims to engage more and more customers. What makes us different is student-centered approach. We have been sharing free essays for quite an extended period of time, and we have been willing to help students with their assignments if they lack inspiration or need examples. Now we understand that checking the level of the essays authenticity is another vital tool for studying. Try using our checkers; you will see how much we care about each of our customers.

Bear in mind that whenever you need to get the analysis of your paper on originality, here you will find help. With our checker of authenticity, you can forget about those student nightmares about plagiarism.