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Film Assignment Examples

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The Film Essay Analysis

Lots of students adore watching films in the evening to relax after stressful days at university. Most people treat this type of activity as a means to take it easy. Why not combining both relaxation and educational purposes of this hobby? Some teachers may ask to write film analysis essay assignment on different topics. It can be connected with Literature, History, Science, Languages. There are various movies which raise different topics. If you get such an unusual assignment, don’t think that it will take away that satisfaction which you have while watching movies. This task will make you more interested and engrossed, you will be able to perceive the meaning of the feature even deeper.

This article aims at investigating the process of writing movie analysis essay example. Read about step-by-step approaches to complete this task, and learn how this task may become an exciting activity.

Get Prepared

Don’t think that the task of writing a film essay example is just an opportunity to spend your leisure time. It shouldn’t be a very demanding task, but you have to be proactive in order not to watch the film several times. The main steps connected with your preparation are explained:

1. Choose the film which is interesting to you. Take even that one which you have already seen. It is always noticeable when the author of an essay film is interested in what he or she writes.

2. Write down a list of questions and leave extra space to include answers. Fill in the information while watching or you can do this afterward. Include the following issues: What were my first assumptions about the plot development? How is the title related to the plot? What are the expectations? What will happen at the end from your point of view?

3. Read about the film industry which is connected to the movie your watch and find out whether it is documentary film or science-fiction.

4. Study the type of movie, essential elements the film should have, the history film has. This will narrow down the themes which should be included in the analysis.

5. Find useful and stylistically colored vocabulary to characterize cinematography. You will be ready to be more precise in making arguments. Moreover, using the words “gripping, first-rate, insightful, unpretentious, uproarious” instead of “interesting” will leave a better impression on the readers.

6. Prepare a notebook to write down quotations while watching. If you hear something that is worth mentioning in writing, there will be no need to pause because the notebook is just at hand.

When you are ready with the mentioned above stages, choose the most suitable time for watching and enjoy this time. It is hands-down the most exciting step because you benefit from watching the masterpiece of cinematography.

What to Write?

In the term “essay film analysis” the last word is the most significant because it means that you don’t have to retell the plot, main events, describe actors. Your objective is to examine the product of cinematography. You can write about your personal experience, just don’t use the personal pronouns.

Instead of using “I think that the feature was fascinating,” write “The watchers consider this film to be fascinating.” By changing the subject, you make your writing more formal and academic.

The structure for the film analysis may look the following way:

1. Introduction which begins with a hook sentence. Although this paper requires critical thinking, nobody forbids creativity. Primary tasks of an article are to attract reader’s attention. Use quotations from the film, include unexpected data about a specific scene the movie has.

2. Main body is the core of your paper because here the authors dwell on various topics and analyze them. Begin with paragraphs about historic and social background. Choose the most interesting facts and develop, analyze, compare them. Next sections may focus on specific ideas: meaning of the feature, cinematographic effects, scenes, camera placement, interaction between characters, actors’ correspondence to their roles. Depending on the number of pages you are asked to write, make your essay more in-depth or shorter.

3. Conclusions should frame up the composition. Summarize everything you have been analyzing, and single out prevailing ideas and assumptions about the movie.

Writing a movie analysis shouldn’t be a boring and tedious procedure, it is a great opportunity to improve your individual style of a writer. Try to do this task with pleasure, and everything will be easy and exciting.


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