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The free online APA plagiarism checker

Plagiarism сhecker for your paper For sure, writing an academic work is a kind of brand-new thing to you. Perhaps, you are already a top-notch writer and professional in this educational sphere. Still, there might appear some problems with the process of formatting and frame the context of your already written essay. Thus, you have…

Plagiarism Detector for Your Essay

Several years ago the word “plagiarism” was associated with a real nightmare for students and teachers. After submitting a paper, you would have to wait for the final teacher’s verdict. Thanks to modern technologies, people can forget about this problem. By using our best free plagiarism detection gives us a great opportunity to find out…

Online plagiarism checker for your essay

The 100% uniqueness of the research paper is a myth for many students, and it doesn’t make sense to seek such an indicator. The main value is the quality and originality of the material, not the desire to achieve certain technical values. To have a good quality of the text, you have to avoid plagiary….



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Why do you need to check your paper?

Whether you are writing a five paragraph essay or preparing a dissertation consisting of a great number of pages, you should remember about the originality of your paper. It is one of the most important requirements you should pay attention while writing. If you are creating a composition, you are the author of your thoughts…

Try out our Online Plagiarism Checker for Free

When in college, lack of uniqueness can become a huge problem. In the academic community, nobody is allowed to use the materials written by other people because this is a theft of intellectual property. The content must be unique, which is the main reason why an online plagiarism document checker is an irreplaceable tool for…

Online Plagiary Detection Tools

Free Online Uniqueness Checkers Nowadays, web-based detection tools of plagiary are the indispensable assistants in the learning process for students and in professional activities for teachers. This is due to the fact that the original content is the key criterion of academic works’ evaluation. Using free online detection applications enables students to promptly identify improperly…

Online Free Plagiarism Checker For Everyone

Check Your Essay’s Uniqueness Here Are you a student, who has just ordered a paper and would like to check its uniqueness? Have you rewritten an already existing paper and want to make sure that it is unique? You may also be a professor, who wants to check whether the papers of your students do…

Best Online Tool for Plagiarism Detection

People write essays for different purposes every day. If they want to receive a good mark or if they need to deliver a high-quality paper, they need to compose unique text only. However, it might be a problem for them sometimes because not all people know how to paraphrase correctly, how to add quotations, or…

How to Check your Essay for Plagiarism

Web-based Plagiary Scanner for Your Essay Writing original academic papers is a vitally important aspect of the learning process of each student. It does not matter whether you finished your essay following all instructions or without making any grammar mistake. If your paper is full of copied content, you certainly fail it. It is also…

Free essay plagiarism checker online for students and teachers

Check essay online and for free Do you know how to do an essay plagiarism check? In the 21st century, especially during last ten years, it became very common to fight with that bad issue. What is it? It is dull copying of another person’s thoughts and putting your name instead of the real person’s…

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The basic requirements to achieve success with your assignment

Unfortunately, college life is not as easy and fun as a person may expect. In addition to making new friends, having great college parties, and enjoying the life on campus, students face the problem of last-minute assignment submission. Many different tasks are assigned to students during their college years.

While some individuals can complete them in a few minutes, others may spend hours only to understand the requirements. Even more, being a college student, a person may be expected to submit a lot of assignments and within a short period of time.

There are different types of assignments one may deal with. It may be a short assignment, such as a letter, resume, exercise routine, outline, or a bigger one, such as research paper or an extended summary. In any kind of assignment, the first step is to understand the basic requirements before you start working on your task.

Online service Primetimeessay provides for students valuable assignment preparation tips to ease their lives and assist them with handling different writing tasks. There are many useful tips that will help you to be sure that your assignment writing is effective.


The structure of an assignment differs depending on the primary instructions of the task. Nevertheless, almost every assignment has three basic sections: an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Also, many types of assignment have an abstract where you briefly describe your writing.

Some assignments do not need structure as all (for ex. free-writing and creative essays), while others may have a particular standard different from other types of assignments (resume, cover letter, etc.)


Even if there is no need for outline according to primary instructions, try to create it for yourself. Outlines help for writers to organize their ideas and main points in the right consequence, save one’s time, helps to divide paragraphs on word count and assist in completing the research on a topic.


The next important requirement is to be specific about your topic. If your assignment is to describe the effects of global warming, there is no need to write what are the primary reasons for the problems and what are the solutions. Be specific as much as possible.

Effective thesis statement

Most of the assignments require an effective thesis statement. Generally, the thesis is a sentence that briefly describes the content of your future essay, outlining the main points. In case you have no ideas of what you should write in your thesis statement, develop it after conducting research.

However, in case you create the thesis statement before you start writing, it will help you to make sure that the content of your paragraphs corresponds to it. If you have a more creative assignment, try to make your thesis statement as intriguing as possible.


Once your assignment is finished, it does not mean that you may pass it on to your professor as soon as possible. Revise your assignment more than one time. Focus not on the content, but more on grammar, the choice of words, correct referencing, and formatting.

After that, take a look at the primary instructions to make sure that all of them were followed. Also, you should remember that before starting revising your paper, good advice is to take a short break. Changing your attention on a different activity, you will be much more concentrated. You’re you will turn back to proofreading your paper.

How to improve your skills in academic writing

Developing your writing skills is not as complicated as you may think. The most significant condition is to work on them regularly.

  • Read a lot. Reading is not only engaging activity but also beneficial as far as one’s writing skills are concerned. Many famous writers have proved the fact of reading’s great influence on people’s critical thinking and imagination.
  • Practice writing on a daily basis. One of the most significant rules is not to write a lot but to write every day. Be sure that a lot of practice will help you complete assignments much quicker than you expect.
  • Work on your mindset. In some cases, it is not enough to understand the rules and expectations. While for some students it may help, others may be unmotivated. Don’t worry! It is a normal part of student’s life. Try to think about the importance of passing your assignment. Probably, the effective results cost your efforts. Try also to think about long-term benefits. For instance, writing will help you to develop your critical thinking, connect different concepts easier, and generally make your life simple in many aspects.
  • Research for assignment writing tips online. If the piece of advice does not help with your, there is great news. Luckily, there are many online platforms designed to help the student achieve great results in completing their assignments. The service Primetimeessay.com is here to help you. All you need is to say exactly what you need, and the team of our experts will help you with your assignment. Besides, on the website, you will find a lot of priceless tips on how to be effective and get the highest mark.


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