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Personal essay “Who I am.”

Everyone on earth is an individual and unique personality. Since the moment we see the light of this world with our newborn eyes for the first time, we constantly and continuously develop our personality. Year after year we improve our knowledge, just as a blacksmith sharpens an elegantly forged blade, the tip of which is…

I Will Never Tell a Lie

I did not accidentally choose this topic for an essay about myself. Now telling the sooth is not fashionable. Many people are constantly lying to others and themselves, without even realizing it. This takes place automatically. However, I do not follow this trend. It may sound old-fashioned, but I believe that lying is a direct…

American Dream Institute

You should have probably come across the concept of an American dream for at least once in your lifetime but what is really hidden behind this notion. Why do people get extremely obsessed with this idea? What is the American dream? To say it briefly, the American dream is all about personal success, freedom, responsibility,…



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Arguments for the Death Penalty

Capital chastisement is one of the oldest types of judgment. It was used even before the malfeasant law arose in the modern sense of this term. Disputes over whether the death chastisement has a right to exist arise amid scientists and public activists for many decades. Apparently, these controversies will continue. Despite the fact that…

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

The problem of congenital attainments was an object for debates back in ancient time. Innate ideas are one of the most controversial and ambiguous concepts of European philosophy. The problem of inherent ideas, or, in general, of innate attainments, plays almost the decisive role in determining the model of human cognitive activity. John Locke discussed…

Pro-Choice Argumentative Essay

If you turn to medical terminology, abortion is defined as a surgical intervention aimed at the interruption of pregnancy by artificial means. This procedure has been known since ancient times. Moreover, neither in the ancient Greek state nor in the ancient Roman society, it was presumed as a murder. The ancient Hellenes recognized the human…

MBA Leadership Essay

Society has always depended on a designated person to guide the way. People turn to look at them in times of distress and concern. That’s why the chosen ones to guide the rest should have the aptitudes and perfect attitude to face any type of situation. This applies to world leaders, as well as bosses,…

Skeptical Views in Montaigne Essays

For Montaigne, the main issue is the human problem, but not the one who occupies a central place in the universe, but the ordinary and concrete person. This is a new subject for philosophy, so Montaigne comes up with a new form of presentation of his reflections. Philosophy, in conformity with Montaigne Essays, should return…

Key Features of Investing in Startups

Everyone who thought about starting a business heard the name of Paul Graham. He is a businessman, programmer, and innovator. His achievements are of great importance in the field of information technology, and his biography and success story are studied in detail by many young people who want to create an innovative start-up. This person…

The Financier: American Literature Essay Example

Thanks to the depth of the realistic vision of life, the “Financier” has become one of the pinnacles of American realistic literature of the 20th century. The first novel from “The Trilogy of Desire” was published in 1912.  In it, Dreiser talked about the initial Philadelphia period in the life of the prosperous financier Frank…

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