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Assignment Sample Examples

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Crisis and trauma: Developmental-Ecological Intervention by Collins and Collins

The following description is that of a person who works as part of a crisis and trauma team attending to patients or clients in emergency situations as elaborated, discussed illustrated by Collins and Collins in their book. During situations that are life threatening such as domestic or sexual violence, the caller/s generally is expected to…

Compare and Contrast: Science and Faith

Both science and faith are motivated by the quest to find absolute truth, so both the scientist and the devout are characterized by assurance of knowledge. The difference lies in the fact that the scientist is prone to arrogance, believing that he has final proof of what he avows to. On the other hand, the…

A Stitch in Time saves Nine

The technological development is rising drastically and it has completely transformed the human’s lifestyle which includes the opportunities to lead a comfortable life than it was earlier. It is well accepted that if technology keeps on advancing like this, the future is going to become more comfortable and better. In case we aren’t precautionary while…



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Neolithic Megaliths: Their Functions and Meanings

From the historical perspective, the emergence of megalithic monuments has traditionally been considered indicative of changes in the larger social contexts with which they are associated. Megaliths can take many forms, such as dolmens, menhirs, large chamber tombs, and stone cists. Due to the range of structures built with large stones (i. e. , megaliths),…

Science and Religion

There have been many arguments from various circles on the topic of whether God is there and He exists or otherwise. The arguments are always directed to the class of people who are believers of God from the non believers. The quest on what to believe will and shall remain a subject and a born…

Science Application

In order to step up on a step to reach an object on a high shelf, the brain first has to send a nerve impulse from the brain.  The pathway is composed of the sensory neuron that receives the message of the action that needs to be completed (Netter, 2006).  The sensory neuron subsequently transmits…

Modern Environmental Issues in Relation to US Constitution and the Current Presidential Election

Emerging environmental issues cover entirely the whole of human existence. Issues concerning the atmosphere, biodiversity, human settlements, coastal areas, oceans, inland waters and land have continued to threaten the existence of mankind on planet earth. the dynamism and interconnectivity of all processes in the environment calls for a comprehensive and unified regulatory framework that recognizes…

Beverage color and its effect on taste

At present, grocery shelves are occupied with food coming in a wide range of colors which may or may not attract consumers. It is important for both the consumers and food manufacturers to look into the effect of food and beverage color on taste as perceived by the consumer. Narrowing our focus on beverages with…

The Science Fiction

It’s often said that Science Fiction is the literature of change. When a culture is undergoing a lot of changes due to scientific advances and technological, and developments expects to undergo more, it’s hardly surprising if stories about these changes become popular as a way of expressing people’s feelings (optimistic or otherwise) about change. Note…

Scientific Fiction and Horrors

Science fiction deals with life in the future and before, in other galaxies, or in other fantastic situations, usually employing the recent discoveries of technology and advances in the field of science. It is the ultimate trip to the literary world, not bound by day-to-day realities of what we see around us, and transports the…

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An example of assignment essay

It is undeniable, we cannot imagine study process without writing different types of essays. Despite the branch of science, students are required to submit the paper with results of some investigation.

On the one hand, this task is useful and fascinating as you improve knowledge and broaden erudition. On the other hand, the essay assignment example can be a troublesome issue as it requires a lot of time and effort. It is better to have a short assignments essay on various themes rather than to write wordage research paper.

It is not a mystery that you are the main creator of your essay because you consider the topic and organize the sentences and paragraphs. You have to know that an essay is not the stream of consciousness; that’s why it is important to follow the essential formatting rules.

You should make sure that the paper will meet the requirements and expectations of your professor. That is why we invoke you to focus attention on the information about how to make the best assignment writing sample. Hope it will help you cope with the difficulties related to the various essays.

According to scholar conclusion despite type of text, there are general rules related to structure, style, format, and language that student should follow.

One of the most important aspects of writing is a perfect structure. When committee and professor check your final masterpiece, the main thing that they evaluate is the way it is structured and built. That is why this part of an article is more than essential to take into consideration.

The qualitative paper should include such paragraphs:

• List
• Cause and effect
• Compare and contrast
• Problem solution

Briefly speaking, these paragraphs should be logically included into three components of essay: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

An introduction is leading component of paper; it provides readers with summary of main problems of the whole work. Moreover, it gives a “signal” that it worth to be read. Speaking about its peculiarities, it should include:

• Introductory clause that begins paper and attracts readers to keep reading it.
• Background and general orientation about the topic of paper.
• An outline that is type of issue list that is highlighted in paper. As a rule, an outline is a sentence that helps readers realize key stages of the work.
• Thesis: each introduction should be finished with thesis sentences; it is main idea and your response to the question.

Typically, the introduction is not long, 5-7 sentences will be enough. We highly recommend you to use different proverbs and statements in order to diversify your paper.

The main body is the longest part the writing has; here you are required to submit major information. We highly recommend you to divide main body into several paragraphs; such structure helps readers find necessary information quickly. Moreover, it is not annoying to read the wordage writing if it has sections.

Speaking about important rules of formatting, we should mention that the second part of essay should start with topic sentence. It is a statement that describes crucial points that are submitted in following paragraph.

Do not forget to use supporting sentences: examples and evidence that keep your thesis. That is an essential thing for qualitative paper; because readers realize that you write about the issue and phenomena that really exist. It is kind of proof of the credibility of paper.

Conclusion is the shortest but not less significant part; as a rule, here you draw a line about issues that are given in the previous parts. Do not give new facts as you cannot make references here; in order to write the winning conclusion, add some resolution and comments.

At this part, you can predict the future investigation related to your theme. From the scholar point of view, it is professional to end the conclusion with words of acknowledgments.

Without any hesitation, you should be aware that appropriate font for the paper is Times New Roman because it is readable and clear. Speaking about format, we should mention that it depends on types of texts; you may pick MLA or APA as they are the most spread.

It is time to think about plagiarism; while writing content, you use different sources and materials. That is why you should know the way how to avoid process of stealing somebody’s thoughts.

We highly recommend you to use references and cite all sources. Reason for it is that using the following citing rules you prove that your paper worth to be read; it will notify readers that you have worked only with credible sources.

Another crucial thing that should be mentioned is the manner of writing. Language of the essay should be target and formal. We should say that you can use different literary devices but do not misapply them. The same situation you will have with style. Do not be funny; try to be professional and experienced writer.

Finally, tips related to the quality of paper. Before you give an essay to your professor, we invoke you to proofread it and check for misspellings and mistakes. You have the opportunity to use online software that will do it instead of you. You have to be confident that you keep requirements related to the wordage of the paper.

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