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Sociology Assignment Examples

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Sleeping in the box, thinking outside the box

In the article, Hattery reveals the practice of social stratification and inequality in college campuses. She is much driven to make lessons of social class inequality more real. As a result, she came up with a model to teach students on the impact of social class inequality on American families. The teaching shows that the…

Social Identification

Social identification is the capacity to know the role of the person. Duncan emphasize that modern society are impelled to “make a difference” in the world, either altruistically leaving it a better place or selfishly achieving a position of respect and affluence in it. In primitive society, resources facilitate seeing one’s work as part of…

Social Institutions

Sociology has always been interested in the impact which various social processes produce on social institutions. Religion, mass media, politics and economics – all these are the essential components of all social processes and are integrally linked to shape an atmosphere of social complexity, which sociology seeks to explain and resolve. Of all social institutions,…



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Social Safety

The social safety nets in developed market economies consist of various different elements and they differ from nation to nation, and at times from state/region to state/region. These are non-contributory transfer programs that are aimed at the welfare of the poor and the vulnerable. In the United States, social safety nets seek to protect the…

Sociological Theorists

Three prominent sociological theorists have established their selves and their theories on stable grounds in the field of sociology. Behind the great minds of Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber, thoughts on social order abound the time when Industrial Revolution was taking place during the 18th and 19th century and their profound ideas amidst…

Sociological Concepts

Values are socially defined thoughts and beliefs that are considered normal in everyday interaction. Values are measurable in a sense of the relative “goodness” or “badness” that an action or set of beliefs may imply. For example, those that value religiosity would consider atheism to be highly undesirable. Similarly those who value liberal politics would…


Youth in the whole world and also in United States are relentlessly exposed to cultural messages that promote violence as a way to solve problems and to feel empowered. Since adolescence is the time when the child become s an adult through a series of profound physical, sexual, and emotional changes, the consequences of these…

Theories in Sociology

Three of the theories discussed in Sociology by Richard T. Schaefer included functionalist, conflict, and interactionist. Each of these theoretical approaches views society, the individual, social order and social change differently. Both the functionalist and conflict approaches analyze society on a broad level , whereas interactionists analyze the behaviors of humans on a smaller level…

Sociological Perspectives

Sociologists in modern world analyze social institutions at various levels using different perspectives, ranging from concrete to sweeping generations. As a result, three major theoretical perspectives are employed namely the conflict, functionalist and symbolic interactionist perspective. These lines of thought offer different explanations on how society influences people and vice versa by uniquely conceptualizing societal…

Sociology: Hunger and Homelessness

Sociology discusses various topics and concepts that aid learners in understanding the complex structure of society and social relationships and points of view. From the dimensions of sociology, one understands the concepts or processes that help individuals not only understand the external environment or the kind of society that they live in, but also how…

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Sociology Essay

Sociology is a science that studies groups of people, their customs, cultures, behavior, and practices. When writing an essay on any of these subjects, you have to deal with things that you are familiar with, the ones you’ve heard about or have observed in real life. That’s why sociology essays are important.

This type of papers requires students to observe the society from the scientific point of view, which means you will need to show specific skills and face various difficulties. But don’t get upset: with the following guidelines and pieces of advice, you will be able to write an excellent work.

Essential Skill

To write good sociology essays, you need to possess (or try to develop and improve) one important skill: the sociological perspective. This skill includes three major abilities:

  • to use sociological terminology and concepts.

Without learning, understanding, and using specific terms you can’t create
a well-thought and deeply-researched essay.

  • to understand sociological theories.

Sociologists usually view the world and behavior through the prism of theories, which you should attempt to do in your essay. This way, you will be able to understand and explain sociological phenomena more deeply and clearly.

  • to question assumptions and see the world around you as an object of sociological study.

To view the everyday things as extraordinary is a great trick when it comes to society-related studies and essays, and questioning the assumptions made by other people of even by you is a great way to study the issue more effectively and to express some new creative ideas.

Things that Make Good Sociology Essays

This is what you need to remember: an excellently-written essay should demonstrate that you understand the concepts or theories you’re talking about. Don’t use the terms you don’t understand because you might use them in the wrong context. You’d better spend more time on learning those terms and only after that you can incorporate them into your work.

Another thing that makes a good essay is your ability to apply those terms and theories to real-life phenomena. This way, you will be able to show that you not only understand the subject but also can reflect on what you’re studying and evaluate the information you possess.

Technical writing aspects also play an important role. Your text should be structured properly, developed logically, written precisely, and be free of mistakes. This sounds like a lot, but if you pay attention, you will be able to deal with all these requirements.

Common Difficulties Students Face

The most common error college students make when dealing with sociology essays is failing to be impartial. No matter how passionate you are about a certain subject, you are simply not allowed to take sides. Writing sociological essays requires you to look at the facts objectively. It’s a complicated science that involves complex studies, that’s why you can’t let your personal feelings about the subject or concepts influence your analysis. Trying to put aside your assumptions, preconceived views, and even prejudices, and stepping back from deciding what’s normal and what is not, you can understand more clearly why society functions the way it does.

Another mistake students oftentimes make is simplifying the issues. They try to label a concept or a phenomenon and explain it from only one side. In reality, sociological essays require more than that: you are supposed to complicate your thinking, examine more than just one theory or concept, and provide a more diverse look at the problem.

What Evidence to Use

Dealing with sociological assignments will make you question your opinions and look for some evidence to back them. There are a number of things you can use, including:

  • empirical studies;
  • sociological theories;
  • specific examples. It’s always beneficial to use examples from real life because it will allow you to show your understanding of the issue and ability to apply your knowledge to actual situations and events.

Don’t forget to cite your sources properly. This type of essays requires precision and clarity, that’s why you need to organize your information and its sources correctly.

Try to use diverse sources. Read books and relevant magazines, study newspaper articles, look through online publications and even reliable blogs in order to find some interesting insights and ideas.

Statistical data might also be very helpful. Different surveys can really contribute to your work because other people’s opinions can either support your point of view or at least prove the importance of the issue you are talking about.

Great Topics for Your Essay

When it comes to sociology essay writing, the number of possible topics is overwhelming, and the writing possibilities are endless. Because this subject includes many aspects, and our cultures constantly change, you can write pretty much about anything: nationality, race, and ethnicity; youth cultures; gender and sexuality; communities, cults, and clans; superstitions and spirituality; family relations; social movements and interactions; consumerism; mass media, and more.

But if you’re feeling confused and have run out of ideas, check out the essay examples here, at primetimeessay.com. Also, here’s a list of great topics, which you are welcome to use:

  • The Relation Between Race and Class;
  • Young Women Representation in Media: Today and 10 Years Ago;
  • Understanding the Self-Destructive Teen Culture;
  • Gender Stereotypes and the Reasons Behind Them;
  • Does Social Media Contribute to Being Narcissistic?
  • Modern-Day Cults;
  • Interracial Marriages Today and 20 Years Ago;
  • Assimilation Challenges during the First Year of College;
  • Taboos in Modern Society;
  • Race and Police Brutality;
  • Who Is Responsible for Creating Unrealistic Beauty Standards?
  • How Marriage Influences an Individual;
  • Educational Challenges for Different Races;
  • Social Decline and its Influence on Individual’s Morality;
  • Patriotism in China;
  • Cross-Racial Adoption: Pros and Cons;
  • Culture vs. Technology: Which One Is Going to Win?

With these topic ideas and previously mentioned writing tips, you will be able to easily understand what you want to write about, what sociological theories you’re going to consider, and what important points you’re going to add to your paper.


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