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History Assignment Examples

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Write Impressive History Essay

History essay is one the most complicated topics for students. It requires thorough research, in-depth analysis and not simply writing about the events. There are so many history essay topics that it becomes more challenging to decide which époque or historical figure to investigate in your paper. Having said that, writing such a paper is the best way to examine student’s level of knowledge. It shows how tediously he or she works to provide accurate and scientifically valuable article. That is why teachers pay attention to such assignments and evaluate the submitted task even more strictly.

We have asked professional writers and historians to give advice. They have summed up main rules and steps which each student should consider before beginning the composition. These tips will help you improve your writing skills which you need for historical essay. Here you may find out how to write a history essay. You will discover interesting tricks about how to make your writing more engrossing for the readers.

What is History Essay

History can be compared with a vast field of undiscovered places, events, treasures. It hides lots of mystery which immerses millions of people even today. Historians try to investigate those spheres which remain unknown. They write different articles where they compare various points of view, eras, countries, battles, wars. They analyze and compare aiming to find core reasons and logical consequences of exact events. Preparing a good history essay is the most suitable way of describing all those mentioned above elements of research.

Theme Selection

History essay topics embrace a huge spectrum of choice. It can be related to various events. Think about comparing past and present, the Cold War, World History essay, the United States development, and many others. The variety of selection is hands-down indescribable, but it is common knowledge that the more choices we have, the more difficult it is to make a decision. Do not select a topic at once, give yourself some time.

We recommend you paying attention to your interests because it is always felt when the author is excited about the topic and when it is only the task given by teacher. The amount of available info is another thing that you have to consider while selecting theme. If you cannot find enough materials, do not search for books in ancient libraries. Just choose that topic which is more researchable and has various available materials.

If you take into account your interests and the availability of materials, the topic selection will be narrowed down, and you will find that theme which is ideal for your writing.

Research and Note-taking

Your history essay can become very useful if it is based on solid examination conducted by you. Investigation is that aspect which your essay should contain most of all. Although the writing itself may not take so many efforts, you need to spend some time on examining topic. To do this, you need to find credible sources which discuss this topic and read them.

Use a notebook to write down necessary dates and names briefly. If you study History, you understand how many confusing years and events students have to bear in mind. Take notes to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings while preparing essays. It is easy to do, and it saves your precious time.


Scholarly papers should be written according to the same structure which is required for any type of essay. Although the additional elements such as subheadings are arbitrary, the basic elements are compulsory: the introduction, main body, conclusion. This structure is not that difficult to follow, but the specific organization of paragraphs can be challenging. Not all students understand how to organize their papers into logical sections. Let us clarify main tips about what should be included in your essay before you begin thinking about the history essay format.

Thesis statement

Your essay should begin with introducing the topic and include your thesis statement. It is the core of your essay because, without it, your paper becomes purposeless. The last sentence of introduction can be long. It is where you need to take into account your main idea which you are going to prove through your essay. If teacher does not find this central thought, you may get a low grade although the whole content is normal.

Topic sentences

First sentence of each paragraph shows what the following section is about. Although they are not as crucial as the thesis, their absence makes your essay disorganized. Each paragraph should reveal exact message which is a part of proving the main idea of your paper. Teacher should just look at the primary sentences of each paragraph and understand what it is about.

Examples and your argument

Providing real-life instances and explanation should stand hand in hand. Lots of students use different examples, but not all of them describe everything thoroughly. Writing is about explaining and analyzing, that is why none of your paragraphs should end with a quotation or example. Whenever you add somebody’s ideas, examine them, compare, and evaluate. Doing this illustrates how a student uses his or her critical thinking skills.


History essay prompts require precise selection of words because some of them have subtle stylistic connotation. You will find different anachronisms which describe things from the past. Make sure you comprehend exact meaning of those words because historians do not like when obsolescent vocabulary is misused.

Possible Difficulties

Writing is already a complicated process. As to history essay, it is even more challenging because this type of writing has particular pitfalls. Be ready to face obstacles while writing, knowing everything about possible difficulties helps you avoid them.

Insufficient Data

If you take a topic connected with Ancient times, there will not be lots of relevant information: just legends and folklore. If your teacher allows using this info, you can take it. However, your tutor may ask to change the topic due to insufficient data which you can use in the reference list in your paper. A consultation with your tutor is the best variant.

Different viewpoints

Although there is only one historical event, there exist various thoughts expressed by professionals. You never know your teacher’s preferences, that is why you should always be careful in stating your opinion.
Try to examine different perspectives on the same historic event. If you are eager to express your thoughts, you can add this only after discussing other attitudes, but do not confuse giving your opinion with judging. It is the most important time when you need to be impartial because you should not offense anyone.

Being Unbiased

Prejudice and subjectivity are those things that spoil any scientist. A true historian should not refer to his or her inner feelings, preferences, beliefs while describing historical events. Write essay that is unprejudiced and is not solely based on your own opinion.

Plagiarism Check

If your major is connected with historical studies or you just have an extra course, you understand how vital honesty is for historians. They value only that information which is both unique and research-based. Unless you have these two crucial components, your writing is doomed to failure.

Checking your paper via plagiarism detector is what we recommend wholeheartedly. Thanks to modern technologies which work at breakneck speed, the examination is completed within seconds. When you comprehend how authentic your paper is, you can focus on the scientific side of the paper and do not worry about plagiarism.

Put Yourself a Grade

Nothing can be more invigorating than self-appraise or self-criticism. It is the best way to improve your writing skills for future. If you have several days before submitting a final paper, give yourself time to prescind from written composition. Do some other tasks and try to forget about your composition. A day before deadline you need to devote approximately an hour to read your essay as if being a teacher. Objectivity should be your goal, and the more you practice such checking, the more impartially you perceive your writing. In result, there will not be any surprises when you receive teacher’s grade. It should be more or less expected because you have already put yourself a grade.


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