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Marketing Assignment Examples

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Marketing Essay

We are always surrounded by products, services, and advertisement, which makes marketing an inseparable part of our everyday lives. That’s why getting a marketing essay as a college assignment is very exciting.

This field of study is very broad and can be applied to pretty much any college specialty. That’s why it’s beneficial to be prepared and know how to write, structure, style, and edit marketing essays.

Let’s Get to It

Oftentimes students think that composing essays is all about making the introduction, the middle part, and the conclusion. But there’s more: you need to express your thoughts clearly and precisely, using your intellect and knowledge, trying to engage the reader.

To create a great marketing essay, you need to take some specific steps.
Start with research. Some students think that more resources mean better outcome, when in reality, only the quality of your resources matters, not their quantity.

Your introduction paragraph should be a map for your paper. Provide the information that is useful to the reader, try to draw their interest, and don’t forget to make a thesis statement.

The body, being the largest portion of your work, should be structured into paragraphs. This is the main part of the text, and it should reflect your findings and research as precisely as possible, covering the specifics of the subject, providing relevant data, and presenting your own conclusions.

The conclusion is also a crucial part as it is a combination of wrapping things up and answering some questions. For example, what have we learned from this essay? How will this research help in the future and what can we expect? Some students include their personal recommendations concerning certain marketing strategies and issues described in the text.

Another essential step is the revision. It allows you to consider the general image of your text, to come up with some new options, or to notice some important points that you’ve missed. Allow yourself a day away from your paper and then come back and revise it. This way, you will look at your work with a fresh judgment.

More Helpful Tips

Many college students see marketing essay writing as a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Consider writing as a chance to use your creativity, experiment with words, develop your skills, and learn something new. And with the following tips and tricks in mind, you won’t have to struggle with essay writing anymore:

  • study other people’s essays.

Because most students have little experience in writing about marketing-related subjects (unless they are majoring in marketing), oftentimes it is hard for them to get to writing. That’s why reading other people’s marketing essays will allow you to be more prepared for your own paper.

You will obtain more knowledge and possess more useful information on the matter, thus it will be easier for you to deal with your assignment. Also, by reading other people’s works, you will become familiar with the proper structure. You can also find some helpful claims, writing styles, and other details that will give you the idea of what your paper should look like.

  • pick a fascinating subject.

Writing a great essay requires choosing a great topic. And when you describe something that fascinates you, the whole process becomes easy, interesting, and fuss-free. To find a good topic, you need to look through the latest marketing news and pick something that managed to grab your attention.

  • familiarize yourself with the terminology.

Before you even start writing, you need to learn the most important marketing terms. This way, you will understand the issues more clearly, you will easily sort the information, and you will comprehend the topic and its main points.

  • create an outline.

This step will help you keep your text together, organize your ideas, and plan the essay writing. Many college students write papers without drafting and planning, thus failing to include all the important points and oftentimes forgetting to mention some crucial data. And when it comes to marketing, you can’t allow yourself to make such a mistake.

  • make a draft.

This is your insurance, a safety precaution. Before starting to work on the final copy, create a draft to see how you want your essay to look, what you want to add, and what data you want to exclude.

Topics to Consider

Composing essays on marketing allows any student to use their creativity and apply their imagination. Even though it’s a rather serious topic, marketing can relate to numerous things, which means there are plenty of subjects you can write about. Here are some ideas for your essay:

  • Analyze the marketing campaign of your favorite clothing store;
  • Analyze the consumer’s decision-making process when buying a car;
  • Investigate a marketing strategy of a chosen wristwatch brand;
  • How financial traits of a certain individual influence the consumer’s
  • How can advertisement influence the buyer’s behavior?
  • Introduce a marketing campaign for a socks line;
  • Describe how to create attractive and memorable brands;
  • Take one specific organization and provide a detailed outline of its industry, size, and products;
  • Develop an advertisement campaign for your favorite book;
  • How cultural factors influence an organization or a company of your choice;
  • Take a company you are familiar with and analyze how close to the customer it is;
  • The most effective marketing strategies (in your opinion);
  • Pick a local company and describe how it is affected by the global economy;
  • Analyze the online advertising as a marketing and communication method;
  • How does the use of celebrities influence the brand’s image?

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