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Crime essay Assignment Examples

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Depicting Sex Offenders in the Media

Because of the alarming number of high-profile sex crimes throughout the United States, public outrage resulted in more stringent Federal and state laws geared toward protecting the most vulnerable (children) from the most heinous criminals. Setting up a national “Amber Alert” and enacting “Jessica’s Law” have improved the monitoring and locating convicted sex offenders and…

The Punishment Should Match the Criminal

In the oldest written legal code “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is the general rule regarding punishment for crimes committed. The punishment should match the crime. Today, our criminal justice system contains this same basic principle: the severity of the crime generally matches the severity of the punishment in…

Effect of the Slotting Process to Competition

The slotting process refers to a payment from a manufacturer to a retailer in consideration of the retailer stocking the manufacturer’s product (O’Donoghue and Padilla, 2006). This may be described as rent or simply a fixed fee. The precise characterization is unimportant; the key point is that the retailer receives some payment for shelf space….



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Criminal Justice Administration for Women

The appearance of democracy in Slovenia is subjected to rapid increase in crime which cannot be handled as the police resources are scarce and the correctional system is not efficient. The traditional prisons in Slovenia are dependent on the pyramidal type of organization structure with major decisions and guidelines are decided by the executives. Evidently,…

Reducing Gang Violence

Gangs are group of individuals who share and carry similar identities and characteristics. Usually, gangs possessed negative impression. Gangs are the author of various organized crimes, from low level to major crimes, in the society. They perform trades of illegal drugs, smuggling of goods and are also involved and connected to series of killings and…

Creating an Operational Hypothesis of Recidivism Reduction

The current research involves the testing of the amount of decrease in recidivism rates after a using a new program for treatment. Recidivism is the possibility of repetition of an undesirable behavior after undergoing the negative impact of such (Zamble, 2001). Criminologists usually aim at bringing new treatments to reduce the rates of recidivism. Whenever…

Sociological Theorizing And Understanding The Causation Of Crime

Sociological understanding is a major factor that contributes to the understanding of the many reasons behind social situations including crime existence. It could be noted that through the theories formulated for the sake of understanding the deeper issues of the society, there lies an undeniable classification of people as to how they would likely turn…

Using Sociology and Psychology to Understand Drug Abuse and Crime

In highly industrialized countries where citizens have the opportunity to make something out of their lives it is a mystery why there are so many people who abuse illegal drugs. This is important to understand because the abuse of illegal drugs would lead into a downward spiral of addiction and crime. There is still much…

Female offenders are now treated more harshly than males in the criminal justice system

For along time women or female offenders have always been treated in a lenient manner by the justice system by virtue of them being women, a gender that is considered weak in comparison to their male counterparts. However with the reforms that have taken place in the justice system female offenders are now finding themselves…

Strict Liability

In criminal law, strict liability refers to those crimes where the defendant is found to be guilty regardless of whether he or she was aware that such a particular act was criminal offense. Asif Tufal provides a close analysis of strict liability exploring a number of cases that expound on strict liability. He defines strict…

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No matter where we live, every society has to deal with crime. Because it’s a part of every culture, crime becomes a subject of interest and research.

Numerous college students have to write papers on crime, even when they don’t actually study criminology because crime is a rather wide and versatile subject that includes many different aspects. When dealing with such a subject, it’s important to remember the ground rules of essay writing and not turn your papers into dull reports.

Types of Essays

Such an assignment can take many forms, and each of them is suitable for a certain subject or situation. The most common types of essays are:

  • Comparison and contrast, where you are supposed to discuss the differences and similarities between two (or even more) phenomena, problems, or subjects (for example, the justice systems of two countries);
  • Cause and effect, which require students to analyze an event or a phenomenon and explain why it happened (for example, the causes of domestic violence or a specific offender’s case);
  • Persuasive (or argumentative), in which you should consider a multi-sided problem and choose one position that you’re going to stick to, explain your choice, and provide evidence to support your opinion (for example, your thoughts on capital punishment);
  • Reflective, where you need to write about an important event in your life and explain how you were affected by it (in this case, maybe you were a witness to a crime or even a victim);
  • Descriptive, which are supposed to present certain information about the topic in a fact-based style (for example, the description of modern criminal gangs);
  • Narrative, in which students should tell a certain story and describe all the events and the outcome (for example, a famous police case or a crime-related event).

As a college student, you might deal with any type of essay, even when writing about a specific crime-related topic. It’s important to remember and distinguish different kinds of papers because this way you will know for sure how to style your paper, what format to use, and how to express your thoughts.

Before You Start Writing

When it comes to essay writing, try not to rush. After receiving a task, you have plenty of time, so don’t be in a hurry and prepare yourself for the composing process. The first thing you need to do before starting to write is to choose an appropriate topic. Your professor might give you a list of things to write about, but in many cases, students are allowed to write about what they want. Try to pick something that interests you. This is the main rule. Writing about something you don’t care about is boring and tiring, plus it won’t let you express yourself fully and get a good grade.

The next step is doing the research. At this stage, you need to keep in mind that only the reliable recourses will suffice.

Crime essays require strict facts and serious data, so turn to books, newspapers, academic studies, serious magazines, and trustworthy online reports.

Pre-writing and planning are another steps that might help you succeed. Write down your ideas, highlight the most important parts of your data, and make an outline of your essay.

The Writing Process

When starting to write, it’s always a good trick to captivate the reader. Add something interesting to the introduction, describe the issue the way that would draw the reader’s attention, and end the paragraph with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a short summary of what you are going to talk about in your essay. It should present the main point of your work clearly.

The body segment of the text is the main part, which can be as long as you want it to be but should depend on the general essay requirements, the research you’ve conducted, and the subject you are describing. It’s a good idea to divide the body into paragraphs, each of which should be related to your thesis statement and present all the necessary data and researched information to support your thesis.

The conclusion section is your last chance to persuade the reader. Here you need to end your essay, sum up everything, repeat your thesis statement (but don’t use the exact same words), and end the text with a strong and memorable sentence.

When the writing is done, it’s time to check it and edit everything. Don’t neglect this step, as it can save you from making mistakes and losing your good grade. Check all the facts you’ve provided and refer them to your original research in order to see whether you’ve added only the appropriate info. If some facts or sentences don’t fit, get rid of them. Even if it’s a very interesting point, you have to remove it, because unsuitable bits will only ruin the general picture of your essay.

Topics and Ideas to Consider

Crime is a phenomenon that has many sides to it. That’s why choosing a specific topic might be challenging for some students. If you’re in need of inspiration, you can always check some free crime essay examples here, at Primetimeessay.com, or use the following topic ideas:

  • Juvenile Offenders and the Justice System;
  • Life in Prison vs. Capital Punishment;
  • Punishments through Time;
  • Felony vs. Misdemeanor;
  • The Most Famous Criminals;
  • Justice Systems of Norway and Egypt;
  • Modern-Day Gangs;
  • Can Advanced Technologies Prevent Crime?
  • Street Violence in Venezuela;
  • Can Having More Police on the Streets Reduce the Levels of Crime?
  • Relation of Crime and Poverty;
  • Peaceful Protests: Are they Possible?
  • Prisons Today and 30 Years Ago;
  • What Causes Domestic Violence and How Can We Stop It?
  • Mentally Ill Offenders;
  • How Dangerous Is the Hate Crime?
  • Alcohol-Related Offenses;
  • Wildlife Crimes and Why We Should Pay More Attention to Them.

Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas and inspire you to write a great paper.

How Can Writing Crime Essays Benefit You?

Even though criminology might not be your field of study, writing papers about it might contribute to your experience, enrich your knowledge, and benefit your self-development. Here are some awesome things essay writing brings to you:

  • Improving writing skills.
    When writing about such a specific subject, there’s a chance that you will enrich your vocabulary with some criminology terms, thus increasing your personal development and adding more to your knowledge.
  • Enhancing critical thinking skills.
    Researching cases and offenses will allow you to process specific information and apply your critical thinking.
  • Providing new knowledge.
    When doing your research, you might find some new information that you haven’t known before, which is beneficial for every college student.
  • Contributing to future researches.
    Because the subject of crime is a very important issue, your essay might be useful in the future. Some students might use it for their research, and professors might apply it to their teaching process.
  • Allowing you to express your thoughts on important matters.
    Writing about society-related topics is always interesting, and the essay format will allow you to express your opinion and develop your thoughts, proving your points of view and showing how you feel about a certain matter.


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