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The most typical task you can get in school or college is to write an essay dedicated to either particular topic or a certain format. There are four major essay types which you should be familiar with.

  • Persuasive essay

    To write this essay you should demonstrate good diplomatic skills – the main idea is to convince readers that your viewpoint is right. You must use logic and trustworthy facts to prove your thoughts if you want people to believe you.

  • Expository essay

    This type is similar to the previous one, except that in this case, your task is to provide a clear explanation of the matter to somebody. Your explanation has to be impartial and reasonable so don’t include any personal connotations, ideas or attitude into your work.

  • Descriptive essay

    This is a perfect task for those who like to share their experience and emotions. You may have guessed that your aim is to describe something important to you. This description should be creative, vivid, exciting and memorable to encourage positive feedback from your readers.

  • Narrative essay

    Do you have a secret dream to become the next Oscar Wilde? If yes, this essay is a great opportunity to practice your skills – your task is to write a story and express your emotions, feelings, experiences on a particular topic. You have liberty to use all means to produce an extraordinary outcome but structural division should be preserved – it helps your readers to get the topic better.

These are the most widespread tasks you can get as an assignment. They have their peculiarities (briefly described above) and format requirements that are to be fulfilled if you want to get excellent grades. Plus we take into account the fact that the biggest part of your grade depends on timely delivery of your work. Deadlines are very important for assignments. Our company wants you to be academically successful – with our online assignment help you will deliver a meticulous text in no time!

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Sample Assigments

The 1931 noir film ‘M’ analysis

The loathsomeness of the countenances: That is the mind-boggling picture that remaining parts from an ongoing survey of the reestablished variant of "M," Fritz Lang's celebrated 1931 film about a youngster killer in Germany. In my memory it was a film that fixated on the executioner, the dreadful little Franz Becker, played by Peter Lorre....

The Pursuit of Happyness

The new Will Smith movie, The Pursuit of Happyness is wrong and not just in how it spells "happyness". Movies that have hidden and misleading messages bother me — and I don't like the underlying messages in this movie. The movie presents an important concept and then stomps all over it. The concept comes when...


Do you want both sides? or just the bad? I'll go with both simply because I believe that if you know what you are up against you will do better in a debate, that and I tend toward being long winded. So economically speaking how is hollywood good? Movies, people go to the movies, they...

Analysis of the movie Full Metal Jacket

Since its discharge, Full Metal Jacket (1987) has been the point of much talk by film sweethearts all over the place. Shockingly the film never accomplished the status that 2001 did, yet it has still gone down as a demonstration of the virtuoso of Kubrick in each type of filmmaking. The film is set in...

English power in literature or the Lord of the Rings

The film I decided to choose calls The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The movie is based on a book written by a very famous writer J.R.R. Tolkien; the director of the film is Peter Jackson; it takes place in the Middle Earth. This is a place where all sorts of...

“It’s a Wonderful Life” Movie

The film “It’s A Wonderful Life” directed by Frank Capra is considered one of the greatest and most successful works of the American cinematography in the twentieth century. The major focus of the movie was placed on the life path of its main hero George Bailey who always helped other people, sacrificing his own life...

In Time Movie: Reaction and Reflection Paper

When I watched this movie, it reflects on me a lot because there are so many lessons I’ve learned. Even though it is a Sci-Fiction movie, I had a great time watching it because I’ve learned many things on how we should spend our time wisely because I believe in the saying “ time is...

The analysis of the film All About Eve

Becoming more established was a savvy profession move for Bette Davis, whose identity was grown-up, hard-edged and knowing. Never altogether agreeable as an ingénue, she was magnificent as an expert lady, a survivor, or a disagreeable predator. Her veteran performing artist Margo Channing in "About Eve" (1950) was her most prominent part; it appears to...

Dominant Themes in Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola

Apocalypse Now by Francis Coppola is a loose adaptation of the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Colonel Kurtz, played by Marlon Brando, is a rogue soldier that has soon defected from the American army, after he murders two soldiers that he terms as double agents. Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) is therefore sent to...

Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest

Nicely printed on the poster of this movie are the words: THE MASTER OF SUSPENSE WEAVES HIS GREATEST TALE. And true to these words, Alfred Hitchcock does not disappoint. North by Northwest (1959) is full of suspense and is one of the most entertaining flicks ever made. Although it is shockingly outclassed by his other...

My sci-fi film is set in the future world

I have put threat of changing society in to my film by everyone being virtually taken over by computers. I think that people in the world today have the threat that computers are gradually taking over the world. computers have already taken over peoples jobs I. E light house keepers (electrical light houses), traffic managers...

The ways in which Steven Spielberg creates tension in ‘Duel’

'Duel' is a marvellous film, directed by Steven Spielberg. It was not Spielberg's first film, but it is the one that made him famous. It was made for Americans television but was also released in Europe and Australia and Japan and was followed by two further films, 'Savage' and 'Something Evil'. 'Duel' is a psychological...

The cinema trailer for Mission Impossible 2

The soundtrack to M:I-2 is extremely important in the advertising the film to the target audience. As the main theme tune is a revamped version of the old soundtrack, preformed by Limp Bizkit. Limp Bizkit being a popular nu-metal band whose music is also aimed at and currently listened to by 16 - 23year olds....

Stage Beauty and Othello

The plot of the film Stage Beauty involves the roles of men and women in the theater. At one point, women are not allowed to work as actresses in the theater. So, men will perform the roles of women characters. This ultimately changes in time and women are allowed to work in the theater. This...

Save the Last Dance

This essay will focus on the opening sequence of 'Save the Last Dance', the dramatic teen romance movie staring Julia Stiles as the main character, Sarah, and her estranged father played by Terry Kinney. It will look particularly at the flashback sequence at the opening of the film, predominantly concentrating on the effect that the...

Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock was an English film director and an American citizen from 1955. Alfred Hitchcock was the acknowledged master of the thriller, which he virtually invented. He was a technician who deftly blended sex and suspense. He began his filmmaking career in 1919. Alfred Hitchcock is a master of the suspense thriller; he was noted...

Media Assignment: Bladerunner

The science-fiction film Bladerunner is set in Los Angeles in the year 2019 after a nuclear war. There have been many scientific changes after the war. For example there is no plant or animal life and there is no sign of the sun. The entire city of Los Angeles is very heavily industrialised. After the...

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back analysis essay

The movie The Empire Strikes Back is the fifth episode of the globally famous TV media franchise Star Wars. It has achieved the audience’s attraction and huge recognition on all the seven continents of the globe; this episode was filmed by an American movie director Irvin Keshner in 1980. It is considered to be the...

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