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The most typical task you can get in school or college is to write an essay dedicated to either particular topic or a certain format. There are four major essay types which you should be familiar with.

  • Persuasive essay

    To write this essay you should demonstrate good diplomatic skills – the main idea is to convince readers that your viewpoint is right. You must use logic and trustworthy facts to prove your thoughts if you want people to believe you.

  • Expository essay

    This type is similar to the previous one, except that in this case, your task is to provide a clear explanation of the matter to somebody. Your explanation has to be impartial and reasonable so don’t include any personal connotations, ideas or attitude into your work.

  • Descriptive essay

    This is a perfect task for those who like to share their experience and emotions. You may have guessed that your aim is to describe something important to you. This description should be creative, vivid, exciting and memorable to encourage positive feedback from your readers.

  • Narrative essay

    Do you have a secret dream to become the next Oscar Wilde? If yes, this essay is a great opportunity to practice your skills – your task is to write a story and express your emotions, feelings, experiences on a particular topic. You have liberty to use all means to produce an extraordinary outcome but structural division should be preserved – it helps your readers to get the topic better.

These are the most widespread tasks you can get as an assignment. They have their peculiarities (briefly described above) and format requirements that are to be fulfilled if you want to get excellent grades. Plus we take into account the fact that the biggest part of your grade depends on timely delivery of your work. Deadlines are very important for assignments. Our company wants you to be academically successful – with our online assignment help you will deliver a meticulous text in no time!

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Sample Assigments

The Brave One

The movie “The Brave One” starring Jodie Foster (Erica Bain), Terrence Howard (Detective Mercer) and Naveen Andrews (Dr. David Kirmani) is a story of a simple and passionate couple, madly in love with each other and who were about to get married and was one night taking a walk at Strangers Gate in New York...

High School Musical

I. Settings/Characters The movie High School Musical was filmed at East High School located in Salt Lake City, Utah; the auditorium was at Murray High School and; the house of Gabriella and Troy was at Downtown Salt Lake City. The main characters are Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, and Taylor...

Khuda Kay Leay

After “Khuda Kay Leay” the movie which was moving around the image of Muslims in world and the terrorism Shoaib Mansoor shifted his creations to another issue but again a negative one. I watched this movie and I wasn’t able to judge whether to say I loved it or to tell the controversial side of...

Four Brothers

From the director of "Boyz N the Hood" and "Baby Boy" and the producer of the new hit movie "Hustle and Flow" comes "Four Brothers". Truly Refreshing Four Brothers is the new John Singleton flick which is based on mid 70's action productions such as: "The Dukes of Hazzard", "Starsky & Hutch, and "Kojak". It...

Monty Python

1. Analyse the misguided reasoning that leads the villagers to conclude that the witch should be burnt in the Monty Python sketch. The 'Witch Scene', from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, follows some very illogical arguments. It is an argument that has gone very wrong from the beginning. In this particular scene, the villagers...

My Hero Maximus Rasmussen

My Hero, Maximus On the website Dictionary. com, a hero Is defined as a man or woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities. Its second definition is a person who, in opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and Is regarded...

A complete analysis of the film directed by David Lean

The last words in David Lean's "The Bridge on the River Kwai" are "Madness! Madness ... Madness!" Although the film's two most vital characters are both frantic, the saint more than the lowlife, we're not exactly certain what is planned by that last exchange. Some portion of the confound is caused by the film's moving...

House of Sand and Fog movie analysis

The movie House of sand and Fog, starred by Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley is based on an earlier book written by Andre Dubus II. It begins by a conflict between Kathy Nicolo and Behrani Massoud. The two are involve in a feud over who between them is the actual owner of a house. The...

A Clockwork Orange Analysis

Adopted from Anthony Burgess’ classical novel by the same name, the setting of the movie is a futuristic England, where crime is rife. Alex, the narrator is the leader of droogs or a teenage gang outfit. He is very vicious and has an insatiable appetite for both violence and sexual crimes. He eventually gets imprisoned...

Tarantino’s Pulp fiction analysis

Everybody will agree that literature is treasury that hides numerous mysteries. This rich phenomenon influences different types of art, and cinematography is not an exception. The history of its development shows that first movies were primitive and their plots were based on scenario of literary works. Films and plays had the features of some literary...

A sample of 12 Angry Men essay

Nowadays, we can find different ways to spend free time. According to survey, vast majority of youth prefer to watch film rather than read book. Everybody will support the idea that modern cinematography is at the highest rate of development. We can find masterpieces in cinematic industry of the last century as well. From the...

Gladiator Review

Gladiator is a truly epic film set during the later stages of the Roman Empire. General Maximus (Crowe) is commander of the armies of the north as they conquer the last opposition to the empire. He is also the favourite of the current, but old, emperor, Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), much to the annoyance of...

The Pianist Analysis

Some time before Rosemary's Baby, the murder of his significant other Sharon Tate, and his infamous flight from America, Roman Polanski was a Jewish survivor of Nazi-possessed Poland. He got away from the Krakžw Ghetto at age seven through an opening in a security barrier. The Pianist, which won the Palme d'Or at the current...

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001 is a film that not only successfully engages the imagination, but also defies all cinematic formula to create an experience that is far more enthralling than almost anything Hollywood has ever created. It does not rely upon traditional narrative formula. There is no stated "problem" that a "hero" has to overcome, and while this...

Picture Perfect Landscape Photo

Have you ever felt that your photographs were a complete disaster? It is easier than you may think to compose the perfect photo. To take the perfect photo, one must know how to choose the right film, use a tripod, learn effective focusing, and to set up the scene in your viewfinder. The camera that...

Evaluation of Practical Production

I believe that my practical production turned out to be quite successful in following the codes and conventions of the gangster/crime genre. In order for our trailer to flow from shot to shot smoothly our group decided that some of the original story board shots would need to be changed, this happened with out first...

`Blade Runner` and `Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome ‘

`Blade runner' is a film directed by Ridley Scott who has subsequently directed such films as `Gladiator' and all the `Alien' films. He has won many awards in his work as a director. `Blade runner' is an adaptation of a book called 'Do androids dream of electric sheep? ' written by Philip K. Dick. He...

How does Patricia assert her agency in Breathless

Since the beginning of Hollywood film, we have always had an idea of the default roles that males and females play. In classic Hollywood cinema, males always carry the more masculine roles such as fighting, working, and stealing. On the other hand, women always received the more "softer" roles such as cooking, cleaning, and taking...

The Core

The Core is a film that is about the sudden stop of the Earth’s core that causes many sudden happenings like the birds suddenly start flying in all directions like they were blind and were going mad but because of that the geophysicists agree to drill down to the core and restart the rotation before...

A Room with a View film analysis

Some portion of the interest of A Room with a View movie is very like that of a considerable measure of current lighthearted comedies: the will-they, won't-they strain of a young lady who is included with one man however enamored with another, unquestionably thoughtful character. Lucy Honeychurch is locked in to Cecil Vyse, socially a...

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