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The most typical task you can get in school or college is to write an essay dedicated to either particular topic or a certain format. There are four major essay types which you should be familiar with.

  • Persuasive essay

    To write this essay you should demonstrate good diplomatic skills – the main idea is to convince readers that your viewpoint is right. You must use logic and trustworthy facts to prove your thoughts if you want people to believe you.

  • Expository essay

    This type is similar to the previous one, except that in this case, your task is to provide a clear explanation of the matter to somebody. Your explanation has to be impartial and reasonable so don’t include any personal connotations, ideas or attitude into your work.

  • Descriptive essay

    This is a perfect task for those who like to share their experience and emotions. You may have guessed that your aim is to describe something important to you. This description should be creative, vivid, exciting and memorable to encourage positive feedback from your readers.

  • Narrative essay

    Do you have a secret dream to become the next Oscar Wilde? If yes, this essay is a great opportunity to practice your skills – your task is to write a story and express your emotions, feelings, experiences on a particular topic. You have liberty to use all means to produce an extraordinary outcome but structural division should be preserved – it helps your readers to get the topic better.

These are the most widespread tasks you can get as an assignment. They have their peculiarities (briefly described above) and format requirements that are to be fulfilled if you want to get excellent grades. Plus we take into account the fact that the biggest part of your grade depends on timely delivery of your work. Deadlines are very important for assignments. Our company wants you to be academically successful – with our online assignment help you will deliver a meticulous text in no time!

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Sample Assigments

House of Sand and Fog movie analysis

The movie House of sand and Fog, starred by Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley is based on an earlier book written by Andre Dubus II. It begins by a conflict between Kathy Nicolo and Behrani Massoud. The two are involve in a feud over who between them is the actual owner of a house. The...

Claire Standish Character Analysis

Amongst The Brain, The Basket-Case, The Criminal, and The Athlete, is The Princess. Claire Standish, a materialistic “richie” with extremely wealthy parents. So it is no surprise when Claire is dropped off to Saturday detention (for skipping class to go shopping) in her fathers BMW and brings sushi for lunch. Sporting real diamond earrings and...

Recent studies behind the 1988 film Cinema Paradiso

Studies of the Cinema Paradiso movie In the best sentiment the word, Cinema Paradiso is to an extraordinary degree, customary. It's similarly exceedingly emotive, and it exists to a broad degree in the space of shared inclusion and memory, thus adding to its more traditionalist describing and complex characteristics. The film was made for a...

The analysis of the film All About Eve

Becoming more established was a savvy profession move for Bette Davis, whose identity was grown-up, hard-edged and knowing. Never altogether agreeable as an ingénue, she was magnificent as an expert lady, a survivor, or a disagreeable predator. Her veteran performing artist Margo Channing in "About Eve" (1950) was her most prominent part; it appears to...

Toy Story

In the year 1995, the world of cinema was introduced to a sheriff and a space ranger. However these were not your typical movie stars. For the first time in cinema history, a feature film's stars were to be computer-generated. Movie-goers were about to go to infinity and beyond. Toy Story (1995) tells the tale...

Movie Review: Music & Lyrics

The film opens with a perfect spoof of an eighties-era music video, featuring the band Pop! with Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant). In the video, Hugh Grant looks like an alternate member of Duran Duran, makes dance moves stolen from George Michael or Wham! In fact, it might be worth seeing this movie just for this...

My Hero Maximus Rasmussen

My Hero, Maximus On the website Dictionary. com, a hero Is defined as a man or woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities. Its second definition is a person who, in opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and Is regarded...

High School Musical

I. Settings/Characters The movie High School Musical was filmed at East High School located in Salt Lake City, Utah; the auditorium was at Murray High School and; the house of Gabriella and Troy was at Downtown Salt Lake City. The main characters are Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, and Taylor...

English power in literature or the Lord of the Rings

The film I decided to choose calls The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The movie is based on a book written by a very famous writer J.R.R. Tolkien; the director of the film is Peter Jackson; it takes place in the Middle Earth. This is a place where all sorts of...


Do you want both sides? or just the bad? I'll go with both simply because I believe that if you know what you are up against you will do better in a debate, that and I tend toward being long winded. So economically speaking how is hollywood good? Movies, people go to the movies, they...

Media Analysis Cast Away

Cast Away is a “story of a workaholic who must learn to live without work, without clocks, and without people” (Soares, 2011) after being stranded on an island. The amazing thing is that the majority of this movie contains no dialogue and is filled with many visual cues to get the message across as the...

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Romantic comedies are one of the most popular and engaging film genres. This is because they represent what we feel and experience ourselves and allow us to laugh at it as our own problems are shown on-screen. It is a continuously evolving genre and always reflects the attitudes and values of the time. Despite this...

The Core

The Core is a film that is about the sudden stop of the Earth’s core that causes many sudden happenings like the birds suddenly start flying in all directions like they were blind and were going mad but because of that the geophysicists agree to drill down to the core and restart the rotation before...

Why ‘Sholay’ has become a classic film

'Sholay' is an Indian Bollywood film made in the late 70's and was directed by Ramesh Sippy. 'Sholay' means burning flames and has been called a classic. It has been made in Bollywood where in all their films has a strong love plot some action and comedy. 'Sholay' is very different to them films and...

What is so great about the Godfather

It is extraordinary, given today's Cinema - with its rapidly changing trends, kaleidoscopic styles, reckless pursuit of youth markets and readiness to abandon established values - that the Godfather, a film produced thirty years ago and steeped in old fashioned production values and infused with worthy moral imperatives, should still be regarded as the epitome...

In what ways does La Haine reflect aspects of “Realism”

In the mid 1990's when La Haine was released it was met to great critical acclaim as it presented the major social issues at the time for modern day France. The problem of social exclusion was (and still is) one of the biggest political issues in France, and the director\writer's intention was to tackle it...

How are women represented in Thelma and Louise and Fatal attraction

Feminism was the movement that came to the fore in the 1970s and 80s where women in western society campaigned for equal rights (and media representations) to men by, among other things burning their bras and dressing in male clothing (power-dressing), claiming, if they wanted to be treated the same as men they had to...

DownTown Video Rental System

DownTown Videos is a chain of 11 video stores scattered throughout a major metropolitan area in the Midwest. The chain started with a single store several years ago and has grown to its present size. Paul Lowes, the owner of the chain, knows that to compete with the national chains will require a state-of-the-art movie...

Media Assignment: Bladerunner

The science-fiction film Bladerunner is set in Los Angeles in the year 2019 after a nuclear war. There have been many scientific changes after the war. For example there is no plant or animal life and there is no sign of the sun. The entire city of Los Angeles is very heavily industrialised. After the...

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