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Art Assignment Examples

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When Science Meets Art

Multiple personalities – this is the concept of my art piece. This concept is clearly represented in the art piece with the use of the woman’s face cut in half, revealing another face underneath. By cutting the woman’s face in two, I aim to illustrate two faces; hence, two personalities. With the use of two…

Art Forgery

Forgery is a normal aspect of the art world. This topic is about the skill involved in producing ‘true’ forgeries within the world of art. It is stressed that the forger is to be seen as an artist, in that he or she must sometimes enter the mind of the original artist, master his or…

Cultural Encounters

Read carefully the following piece of text. What does it tell us about cross cultural encounters? In analysing this text and what it tells us about cross cultural encounters, we must ask and answer several questions. What is the interpretation of the text? What do we understand from the text? How was the text wrote?…



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Tombs and Monuments

Question: Compare an aspect of the tomb of Emperor Shihuangdi with the burial tombs of other cultures, such as Egypt or Mesopotamia. Answer: The Tomb of Emperor Shihuangdi The tomb of Qin Shihuangdi, who died 210 B.C.E., lies about 30 kilometers from modern Xian in China. There is a pyramid shaped tumulus over the actual…

Still Life with Drinking-Horn of St Sebastians Archers’ Guild

Just a bit about the artist Willem Kalf, he was a Dutch artist in mid-1700’s who was known for painting called ‘Pronkstilleven’ in Dutch, meaning ‘ostentatious still life’. He used lavish objects for his paintings that were mostly kitchen and farm related. Now about this painting. You can actually see this painting in better reproduction…

Tim Burton Movie Style

”Burton’s masterful storytelling skills intertwined with his artistically unique style make this a stylised vision of the ”outsider” story. Using a similar idea to Frankenstein, taking the ”outsider” into a new community and creating havoc, director Tim Burton creates a new outlook on this story by adding his own style and vision. This film can…

Artist Statement

I create art because this passion and curiosity has been with me ever since I was a toddler, running around and doodling on any surface possible. In this course I wanted to learn techniques that would help me improve my style. I wanted to broaden my creativity by creating abstract works and designing dresses that…

German Expressionism and Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s films have often been noted as modern day forms of German expressionism (the creative movement in Germany before World War l). It is through such things as sets, themes, makeup and costuming, lighting and shadows, acting techniques, and character that we can see Burton has been widely influenced by films of the era….

What dramatic effects does Euripides create in this scene

Dramatically the core of the play is a war of words and disagreement between the two characters: Pentheus and Dionysus. The distinguish mark of violent and narrow-minded man” Pentheus” against the smiling and ambiguous god” Dionysus”. The Euripides immediately establishes from line 126 as ethical and theological basis for its play, since the speech of…


The word renaissance means rebirth. It describes the period in Europe’s history when people exposed the art and knowledge of the past, and added additional innovative exhilarating features of their own. Around 1500 A. D. new ideas began to become known. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci looked back to ancient Greece and Rome for…

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Art analysis essay guide

Each piece of art is a result of an intertwining of thoughts, ideas, colors, emotions, inspirations and hidden sense. The task of a person preparing the art analysis is to decode the secret of the creation of the art product and the thoughts and feelings of the painters reflected in it. To talk about the art, a writer has to be able to think outside the box and be creative enough to feel the deep structure of a painting or any other element of art. While writing formal analysis, the writer has to be aware of some nuances.

How is it possible to write something about the art? Primarily, the remark concerns the overall content – the meaning the writer wants to render. The main accent should be put on not on the analysis of elements and their form, color, etc. The analysis should focus on the formal aspect and the way, in which forms are blended to create one piece. Try to concentrate on the issue concerning how well blended are the elements of the object of description and whether there is a balance. The main purpose of the analysis is to grasp and represent the meaning the author of the painting encoded and attempted to render.

Main structural elements of the art analysis essay

The creative process of the author is very complicated and sophisticated. That is why a person working on the delivery of the art assignment should follow certain structure to be able to dwell upon all the main issues that should be covered in the essay. It is logical, to begin with the intro part. There you have to explain the reader the general situation and describe the object of the formal analysis. Your task is to deliver the most significant facts. The next step, after the first one is thesis writing. In this sentence, you have to express your vision. It will present the framework for your work.

The following section is the main body. Each main element, which you are going to discuss, should be presented in a separate paragraph. Try to demonstrate the innovative approach. Dwell upon the shapes the piece blends in it. You can use plenty of comparisons and adjectives that show the beauty of the art piece. Enjoy the process, and the target reader will feel it reading the analysis. Each element the piece includes may become a valuable subject for the composition. Make sure to notice all the smallest, bot very important details and present them in the main part of your analysis essay.

The last stage is a conclusion. It should summarize all the previous info. What is more, make sure to reference to the thesis sentence and paraphrase it, so that the reader will be able to trace the logical connection between the structural elements of your text. Here you can also write why the main elements and principles used by the artist create meaning. The analysis you create should raise awareness of target audience

Sketchbook ideas

As is often the case, artists who deal with their hobby or a work of life daily, at some point feel that they feel scarcity of inspiration and a lack of ideas. They look for the source of mental and physical stimulation that may let them inhale the new air and create a new masterpiece. Sketchbook is a place to unleash your imagination, imagine yourself as the creator and get the most pleasure from playing with the color, the way the paint flows and mixes, which new shapes and shades you observe. Discard your doubts and fears. Create! This is excellent color therapy.

Then try yourself in the chart paintings! It can be drawing spots with a further drawing of details with a pencil, helium pen, ink or marker. Maybe, you will first make a sketch graphically, and then add it to the background, add the volume to the details, fill it with whimsical patterns, lines, and scatter spray spots.


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