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The most typical task you can get in school or college is to write an essay dedicated to either particular topic or a certain format. There are four major essay types which you should be familiar with.

  • Persuasive essay

    To write this essay you should demonstrate good diplomatic skills – the main idea is to convince readers that your viewpoint is right. You must use logic and trustworthy facts to prove your thoughts if you want people to believe you.

  • Expository essay

    This type is similar to the previous one, except that in this case, your task is to provide a clear explanation of the matter to somebody. Your explanation has to be impartial and reasonable so don’t include any personal connotations, ideas or attitude into your work.

  • Descriptive essay

    This is a perfect task for those who like to share their experience and emotions. You may have guessed that your aim is to describe something important to you. This description should be creative, vivid, exciting and memorable to encourage positive feedback from your readers.

  • Narrative essay

    Do you have a secret dream to become the next Oscar Wilde? If yes, this essay is a great opportunity to practice your skills – your task is to write a story and express your emotions, feelings, experiences on a particular topic. You have liberty to use all means to produce an extraordinary outcome but structural division should be preserved – it helps your readers to get the topic better.

These are the most widespread tasks you can get as an assignment. They have their peculiarities (briefly described above) and format requirements that are to be fulfilled if you want to get excellent grades. Plus we take into account the fact that the biggest part of your grade depends on timely delivery of your work. Deadlines are very important for assignments. Our company wants you to be academically successful – with our online assignment help you will deliver a meticulous text in no time!

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Sample Assigments

An analysis of “Inception” movie

George Bernard Shaw said that life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. It is undeniable that human existence is the bottomless ocean that includes such things as strengths and weaknesses; internal experiences, and wishes. We may state that we are masters of our life and destiny. There are cases, when we are...

Claire Standish Character Analysis

Amongst The Brain, The Basket-Case, The Criminal, and The Athlete, is The Princess. Claire Standish, a materialistic “richie” with extremely wealthy parents. So it is no surprise when Claire is dropped off to Saturday detention (for skipping class to go shopping) in her fathers BMW and brings sushi for lunch. Sporting real diamond earrings and...

Benefits of Being Unique

Change is something everyone experiences all the time in their live, and is defined as: "an act or process through which something becomes different. " by the Canadian Oxford High School Dictionary. Changing towards being unique and different from everyone else can lead to live a more exciting and fulfilling life. This message is shown...

The Shawshank Redemption Analysis Essay

The Shawshank Redemption is a masterpiece of literature and cinematography. Its author is Stephen King, and its film director is Frank Darabont. The book has once immersed lots of generation which continue to reread it several times and understand its meaning from different angles. The same popularity was waiting for the movie after its premiere,...

Sling Blade

The concept of comparing the relationship between Frank and Karl’s relationship in “Sling Blade” to Clarice and Hannibal Lector in “Silence of the Lambs” seems a bit odd, until you consider the further development of Lector and Clarice in the movie “Hannibal”. When all three movies are considered, it becomes clear that both older men...

The Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood

In the movie the mother, Vivi, plays the main role in the executive family subsystem and the daughter, Sidda, plays the main role in the sibling subsystem. Throughout the movie it is told how their boundaries had been breached and severely weakened. The family is an alcoholic family with Vivi being the identified alcoholic. Vivi's...

Scenes of The Matrix

The Matrix is a science fiction movie, which was made in 1999 although it I set in the future, around 2199. The opening scenes tell the viewer this immediately because it shows a black computer screen with numbers going down it, this is stereotypical of a sci-fi film. The voice-over creates suspense because two mysterious...

City of Joy

City of Joy was a great movie in making me aware of the world’s needs. There were a lot of disturbing elements for younger children, but viewers from the United States or other first world countries will be prompted to count their blessings. Three lives become intertwined in the City of Joy, a very poor...

Sleepy hollow

Sleepy hollow is a gothic so called Horror movie with a few mild laughs which to be honest weren't very funny at all. Tim Burton (Director of Sweeney tod & Charlie and the chocolate factory) the director of this thrilling mystery has done a good job, but I don't think this is his best movie...

A Review Comparing and Contrasting Two Movie Trailers

When I was told I had to write a review about a trailer I thought to myself, why are trailers important to us? Do they have any bearing on what we go and watch on the big screen? Will a 3 minute bite size chunk of a movie really want us to have a trip...

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Romantic comedies are one of the most popular and engaging film genres. This is because they represent what we feel and experience ourselves and allow us to laugh at it as our own problems are shown on-screen. It is a continuously evolving genre and always reflects the attitudes and values of the time. Despite this...

How does the opening of Gladiator portray Marcus Aurelius

In the opening of `Gladiator` Ridley Scott attempts to use many effects to get the audience interested and hit hard at the audiences ideas of the roman empire. Ridley uses many objects to portray this such as props costume and even the reactions of his comrades. In this essay I want to do show this....

Writing to review a film: The 51st state

Playing for the away team is American pharmacologist Elmo McElroy (Samuel L Jackson) who has fled to Britain (Liverpool to be exact) in order to sell his genius invention however on the mighty home team who are shooting towards the Kop have Felix Desousa (Robert Carlyle) on side, he is a simple guy involved in...

From dusk till dawn

How does the film form portray each of the individual characters personalities and how is authority and power over each of the characters presented in the sequence? The chosen sequence begins when Ritchie, Seth and the hostage enter the motel room and finishes at the end of the diner scene which includes Kate, Scott and...


In this essay I will analyse 2 film posters. I will compare and contrast the codes and conventions that are used to establish genre and to market the film to its market audience in the film posters for Daredevil and Gladiator. Genre is the French word for type and we recognize it through the conventions...

Terminator meets the Matrix

The Terminator was filmed in 1984 and released in the U. K. on the 11th January 1985. It was directed by James Cameron, who also co-wrote it with Gale Anne Hurrd. The film is a science fiction (sci-fi) action film. The leading actors and actresses of the Terminator are: Arnold Schwarzenegger the eponymous Terminator, Linda...

Super Size Me

In Supersize Me (2004), Morgan Spurlock directs and stars in a film whose origin lies in a lawsuit instigated by two teenaged girls, 19 and 14, both 170 lbs. , the first 5’ 6” and the second 4’ 10”, who blamed McDonalds for their obesity. Judge Robert Sweet said, “If plaintiffs can allege that McDonalds...

Framing the Feminine – depictions of women in Indian film

Visions of woman are contaminated by male-defined notions of the truth of femininity. This is true not only of the negative cultural images of women (prostitute, demon, medusa, bluestocking, vagina dentate) but also of positive ones (woman as nature, woman as nurturing mother, or innocent virgin, or heroic amazon . . . ). Woman is...

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