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Psychology Assignment Examples

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Psychology Essay

In the modern world, with a very stressful rhythm of life, psychology takes a very important place and becomes a more widespread study. It helps us understand the people around us, their behavior, and why they behave the way they do. Moreover, we can understand ourselves better with the help of psychology.

That’s why composing psychology essays in college is beneficial for every student. But because psychology is such a versatile subject and can involve many sides, it’s oftentimes challenging for students to create essays on the matter. So, let’s learn about this subject and find out how to deal with it.

Advice on Writing

Before even starting to compose your psychology essay, you might want to use some time and analyze the task in order to understand the assignment completely. Your professor might give you some pieces of advice on how to plan your paper, so don’t ignore those.

The next step is preliminary reading. It will allow you to comprehend the general image of the issue, make an approximate outline of your paper, and discover some new ideas that you are going to mention in your work.

Oftentimes, students neglect the preliminary steps and proceed to the wiring process. But what they don’t know is that these pre-writing stages can help them deal with the essay faster and easier, organizing their thoughts logically and remembering all the crucial points.

There are some other important factors you need to consider when dealing with psychology essay writing:

  • the structure is supposed to be logical and present the clear sequence of points and ideas. Keep in mind that each new paragraph and segment should be connected to the previous one because psychological subjects require precision;
  • your arguments are required to be backed up by relevant data and evidence. Psychology is a complicated science, and you can’t simply propose theories without explaining them and supporting them with real facts and relevant information;
  • you should comprehend the matter completely and show it in your work. To do that, you should study the subject as thoroughly as you can. Only then you will be able to write an excellent piece, express your opinions on the matter, and analyze the main issues.

Writing Tips and Tricks on Structure

Every psychology essay has to be structured in a certain way and to include an introduction segment, the main text body, and the concluding paragraph.

It’s beneficial to create the introduction after you’ve finished the body part. This way, you will have a clearer understanding of the subject and will be able to express your thoughts more precisely and laconically. This part should take approximately 10% of the text volume. This text segment should contain the subject of your work, the major terms, the main issue or a couple of problems, and your main argument.

The body is better to be divided into paragraphs. Use link words and phrases to create a smooth transition from one segment to another to help the reader comprehend the issue more easily.

The conclusion is a crucial part of any essay and should take 10-15% of the text length. Here you’re supposed to summarize the major points and arguments, offer some suggestions for the future research on the matter, and remind the reader of the value of the topic. Avoid including any new info because the concluding paragraph is not an appropriate place for it.

Topics to Consider

When trying to pick a great essay topic, the best strategy is to do that taking into consideration your specific field of study and interests.

Writing psychology essays requires you to read a lot of information and go through tons of materials, so it’s always better to read about something that excites you.

Another tip is to choose a more narrow and specific topic. Because psychology is a wide subject, doing research on it might be problematic, especially if you choose a general and broad topic.

If you feel like the muse has left you, check the free essay examples here on primetimeessay.com and read the following topic suggestions:

  • How parents’ negligence results in child obesity;
  • Trying to understand the events and situations that lead to suicidal
    thoughts and behaviors;
  • How can morality be enforced? Can more strict laws help?
  • Trying to understand the Americans’ obsession with fast food;
  • How can being a narcissist parent influence child’s mental state and well-being?
  • The effect of abortion on mother’s mental health;
  • Social interactions: benefits and drawbacks;
  • Understanding schizophrenia in young adults;
  • Psychological reasons for depression;
  • Does depression depend on gender?
  • How social anxiety impacts the day-to-day life and relationships;
  • How to manage stress;
  • The phases of human self-development;
  • The relation between mental illnesses and aging;
  • How counseling helps divorced couples;
  • Understanding the short term memory;
  • How does environment influence the development and growth of personality?
  • Why psychologists are involved in the military;
  • Are there ways to understand and prevent teenage suicide?
  • The relation between motivation and the work environment;
  • Elderly people and emotional abuse;
  • Hypnosis: pros and cons.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you deal with your paper without worrying too much and stressing out.


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