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Comprehensive guidelines for creating a research paper

Every student studying in college or university needs to go through research paper writing stage. Without this academic work, you can’t claim to have seen everything in your life. So what makes this type of paper such an important issue in the academic career? The aim of this paper is to demonstrate students’ abilities to carry out a decent scientific investigation. You should come up with – or it can be provided by your professor – a narrow topic or issue you want to examine, then a full-fledged research of this issue has to take place. Your task is to collect wide-ranging evidence to back up your concepts plus analyze them using various approaches. During this investigation and data gathering, you are going to practice your writing skills as well as thinking ones. This assignment is often treated with unnecessary anxiety which can create confusion. With understandable guidelines, you will manage to write a research paper to achieve impeccable results.

The sources that will be used during your work should have a trustworthy scientific reputation. You should choose the publications of scholars who have produced meaningful findings in needed field to combine their ideas with yours in this research. There are numerous sources to be used – books, documents, a library catalog, periodicals, bibliographies, etc. After gathering the necessary literature, the true investigation begins – you have to do a lot of investigation. This doesn’t mean that students have to simply enumerate all facts and arguments they have found. Make a point and describe the issue from your perspective. Yes, you have to mention previous studies in this field, but you have to analyze them to make your own summarization. Don’t fall into the trap when students want to read more and more on the subject. Remember that your main task is to write a journal and not to read all possible materials. So be ready for avid note taking.

The most significant notion in research paper writing is its thesis. Just in one sentence, you have to explain your subject of writing, its objectives and the key idea of your work plus in what way you are going to make judgments. You have to staff your entire work in this one statement. If your thesis has been elaborated, you can continue with the methodology of this research. First, clarify for yourself what is the subject of your research, after that what should be analyzed within this subject, details needed and what the significance of this topic is. Next, you should think over the plan of organization of data in your work and suitable supporting reasoning to provide.

The structural suggestions for the research essay

The structural division of your paper should be straightforward and linear – break your topic into logical parts which will be represented in your research in a coherent manner. Typically, you will need to use the IMAD format of organizing information in your research. It stands for Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion.

  • Title page. In this section, you indicate the title of your paper, who the author is, plus other necessary data.
  • Abstract. This section has to provide the brief synopsis of the work for readers to get acquainted with your aim, analysis, and contribution.
  • The introduction. This part should deal with indicating of relevant background information about your subject, the context of its usage, principal ideas of the entire work and a concise thesis. Don’t forget to explain the purpose of your work.
  • The methodology of the research. This part should be dedicated to all means you have used during your research. Explain the rules of data collection, procedures and analysis requirements.
  • Outcomes. Express, in the form of a report, what data have you found, what significant results have been achieved and how they correspond with the overall aim of entire work. Make it precise and provide detailed information.
  • Discussion. If in the previous section you just stated the outcomes, here is a place to analyze and interpret them. Discuss your findings in connection with other studies of this issue, strengths and weaknesses of your analysis, deviations from the norms you have encountered and what possible contribution will be made by your work.
  • Conclusions. This is the closing part of your work – you should present a brief summary of your scientific concepts, indicate what have been analyzed in your work and why, demonstrate results, express your personal viewpoint about the topic and the outcomes of this work. It’s possible to suggest how this research can be useful for further studies of this issue.
  • References. You are supposed to define all publications which have been used during your work plus write their citations in your reference list. Citing standards of different sources can vary – the most typical techniques of referencing are the APA and MLA styles.

It takes a lot of practice to write a decent research paper. With a little bit of diligence, practice, organization, patience, time management, eagerness to work and creativity, every student will manage to generate a perfect research!

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