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Management Assignment Examples

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Management Essay

Management is an inseparable part of the modern world. Every organization, no matter what they do, requires someone who can be in charge of making decisions, organizing activities, handling people, or evaluating other people’s performance.

Writing management essays helps college students realize that without this study our society couldn’t get to where it is now, as talented managers are able to guide people in the right direction, which influences the improvement process. But the perks of this essay writing don’t end there.

When working on such an assignment, students learn a lot about managing process and how it works. They gain new experience, explore some new helpful fields of study, and learn how to present their ideas on such specific matters.

Despite being so beneficial, college essays on organization-related topics can be quite a floorer. But don’t worry: the following explanation will allow you to feel 100% worry-free about your paper.

How to Write: Practical Tips

In order to write an excellent essay, you first need to understand what the reader is expecting to get from it. People usually read such papers to gain some info and valuable insight into the concept, so, ideally, your essay should contain some new ideas on the matter. Perhaps you will even provide some unique opinions and points of view.

When trying to explain a certain phenomenon or a concept in your work, try to reinforce your statements with the up-to-date info and the newest examples. This is a very effective way to make your essay memorable.

As for the structure, which is a crucial component of every paper, you should include the following parts:

  • the introduction, which contains the preview of the theory or concept you are going to discuss. This paragraph usually answers the question “What?”;
  • the body, which should have the evidence and the full description and explanation of the concept mentioned at the beginning. This part is supposed to answer questions “Why?” and “How?”;
  • the concluding section, including your own recommendations and the concept/theory reinforcement, providing closure to the text.

In the body, you shouldn’t simply explain a certain phenomenon but analyze and study it. Good management essays explore new concepts and ideas, provide interesting insights, and bring something new to the reader.

Examples from real life are the essential part of this type of essays. You might use market researches and relevant statistics to explain and support a theory, but make certain that you describe all the facts with enough detail.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the flow. Your essay should create that story-like rhythm and be easy to comprehend. Try to distribute the examples evenly throughout the text, link the paragraphs to each other, keep the style clear, and don’t overuse complicated words.

A Few Topic Ideas

Management-related topics can vary in almost any way possible. This is a
very broad and all-embracing concept, that’s why finding an appropriate topic can make some college students feel lost and confused. If you’re searching for ideas, check out free essay examples here, at primetimeessay.com, and take a look at the following topic ideas:

  • Business Start-Up Issues;
  • Managing Relations in the Developing Countries;
  • Language Problems in Multinational Managing Process;
  • Human Resources in the 20th and the 21st Centuries;
  • Organizational Styles and Practices;
  • Helping the Employee Morale;
  • What Makes Hospitality Managing so Difficult;
  • The Best Manager of All Times (pick among politicians, public figures, and even literature characters);
  • Theories of Leadership;
  • Communication Skills and How to Demonstrate Them;
  • Strategic Managing;
  • The Role of Human Resources;
  • Event Managers;
  • Managing in the New Economy;
  • Work Motivation;
  • Managing Across Cultures;
  • Organizational Politics in Management Settings;
  • Leadership Styles;
  • Modern-Day Arts Managing Issues;
  • The Future of the Labor Relations: What Will Happen in Ten Years;
  • Managing Sports Organizations: Pros and Cons;
  • How 21st-Century Challenges Influence the Effectiveness of Management;
  • How to Manage Philanthropic Organizations Efficiently.

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