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Women Empowerment Essay

Are women really empowered ? Seems to be the question of the decade as this decade saw the rise of many women and the fight for equality seemed to dim in the face of the new empowered female citizens of our nation,state,family. But like a day that has its dawn bright and clear has its dusk as well, the dawn of the empowered women had a stronghold that seemed to slacken in the dusk. As the female populace is still facing barriers in the society in every sphere and this barrier strengthens its vice like grip through many forms of violence, atrocities and inequality against women.

The term Empowerment holds different meanings to different psyches and this divergence, this comprehension of facts against fiction, this way of interpretation that people of various sects, associations and understanding can perhaps answer this quintessential question? Women have to be given due respect in a society to have actual empowerment. When women are developed socially we I believe become more vulnerable. As developed or recognized women are actually exploited.

To empower women financially a lot of initiatives have been undertaken but only spending money is not enough to financially empower women. Basic skills and training should be given for the proper utilization of the finances. As unskilled and semi- literate women are exploited everywhere. But the society having developed is still not safe for its female citizens. A woman’s safety is not only her family’s responsibility but the states as well.

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Today the incidence of rape and torture on women is taking precedence. he evils of dowry and dowry related deaths is still being reported but it is not plausible for a young girl to remain unmarried to avoid dowry, the younger generation needs to take a stand. Women even have no authority over her reproductive lives but the decision is seen to be fifty-fifty among educated masses and the importance the woman has within her family. Women can be empowered only if they are given education and made aware of their rights and hence they themselves prioritise their lives.

Violence has to be completely eradicated from her life, then and only then can the dream of empowerment becomes a reality. Empowerment means authority and an acceptance of what one is doing without any hesitation and fear. Even today women inform their husbands of every decision they take but do not always know what their husband’s are doing. ” I do not feel the society is safe for women today so how are women empowered when she cannot move freely in fear of jewellery snatching, molestation, kidnapping and such atrocities against her.

If the society cannot protect half of its citizens how can it empower them? Socially the status of women is not really empowered despite a huge change. . I believe women have control over their bodies and wellbeing in educated societies and has the control over the financial and social acceptance of her family as well but not always as the bigger decisions are taken by the male members of the family but usually it is a mutual affair. Men are very vulnerable they are not strong mentally as women despite their physical strength.

Women for that reason have been more tolerant and sacrificed a lot more than men. So, it does not matter whether the society has empowered them or not as they were always empowered in their phyches, eventhough their body is not fully empowered their soul has always been empowered. ” Another social evil is dowry. Dowry is the main reason for son preference in our society and hence the practice of female infanticide and foeticide is so widely seen even among educated masses.

Women always face physical as well as mental trauma in all the aspects of her life such as forced reproduction for male child. The male gender are too precious for any difficulties and pain, it seems. Women have always been suppressed, underestimated and valued less in the society and also within her family. Even in educated families women eventhough seem to run the household and be the main force behind the running of a household, have in reality no decision making power.

Women are unsafe because they are physically weak but they are mentally very strong even in mythology women are viewed as stronger beings but gender has always been a criteria for violence in any given society. Empowerment to the young women means the opportunity, the freedom and scope that are bestowed on her to achieve the career, the partner and the life of her choice. But freedom is misutilised by many of this generation’s boys and girls they do what they like and misuse the society and social values. As the fear of rape and molestations is still the most primary fear of any girl or parents.

And the advices of parents are the same now as they were a decade back ? be careful against these types of physical abuse, do not go out after dark, do not travel alone this young empowered woman after giving this statement stops and re-evaluates how empowered she really is. Boys are born with a silver spoon in their mouth; girls have to fight for one but anything can be achieved in today’s world through proper awareness and yes education. The law enforcement agencies have to be more dependable and authoritative.

Every woman should have the ability to achieve the empowered status that is rightly hers and any barriers set up by the society can be taken out by understanding if not by force. Even though the younger generation is far more empowered but her progress skids to a halt when cases of violence emerges. So when one tries to find whether women empowerment is a myth or reality, it is not that easy as women empowerment at times seems to be an illusion that has been made into reality by some but remains uncharted territory to many. A redefinition of feminine and masculine roles is needed.

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