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Personal essay “Who I am.” Assignment

Everyone on earth is an individual and unique personality. Since the moment we see the light of this world with our newborn eyes for the first time, we constantly and continuously develop our personality. Year after year we improve our knowledge, just as a blacksmith sharpens an elegantly forged blade, the tip of which is capable of piercing even the most fortified shield. However, the elegant appearance and formidable blade is not a standard of good work. The same thing is with our knowledge, because for the blade you need an ideal balancing with the handle, while for knowledge you need additional elements of his “self” that form the personality.

So who I am? It is considered to be a difficult question to answer, but this is nothing more than a delusion. I can say that I am … an unimaginable combination of good and bad, light and dark, helpful and useless. I am a set of qualities and drawbacks, of skills and ineptitudes. I am what the life brought up. I am what the God created!

I am a person who makes mistakes and learns new things from them, the one who has great dreams and every day makes a step towards their realization. I take new risks because it is boring just to wait for something to come.

A good person is the one who lives in accordance with his vocation. He is able to identify his inclinations, reveal his talents, overcome his shortcomings and thereby achieve success in life and be happy. I have already fond my place under the sun. My career as a translator hasn’t reached its peak, but this is the job of my dreams. I satisfied many goals in my life experience, and there still are so many of them to fulfill.

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Sometimes we can hear “a strong personality,” but strength does not mean rigidity. In my opinion, we need strength especially to be kind, sympathetic, even be able to sacrifice his interests for the sake of someone else. I try to help people and be good with them.

A human is not just a name of a creature. This is a title. And, as every title, it involves great responsibility. Someone evil and cruel is inhumane, as well as something terrible and horrible is also inhumane. Thus, the following features are not of a human. Sometimes the word is capitalized. To my mind, this is correct. Humanity is about goodness, honesty, and the ability to help. A real Human can be only like this. Hence, I always strive to perfection in my thoughts, intentions, and actions.

Everyone thinks whether he does everything correctly. Or is he worthy to be called a human? What will he leave behind for his offspring? I think about this all the time, and it determines my actions. I want my grandchildren once say: “He was a great person!” And then my biggest goal will be satisfied.

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