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When Science Meets Art Essay

Multiple personalities – this is the concept of my art piece. This concept is clearly represented in the art piece with the use of the woman’s face cut in half, revealing another face underneath. By cutting the woman’s face in two, I aim to illustrate two faces; hence, two personalities. With the use of two different colors, I intend to show two distinct sides of those faces. Further examining the colors I used, gray shows the surface personality or appearance of the woman, the one seen by people each time they look at her.

This color is plain and simple and I utilized it to show the woman’s separation, lack of involvement and loneliness as gray is the color of such personalities (Think Quest, n. d. ). Hence, this color represents a plain and unhappy face put out by the woman whenever she faces the world. Moreover, by using the color red, I reveal an inner personality, which is quite dissimilar from the surface personality because of the use of the strong color. This red color is more saturated and more striking with the aim of vividly illustrating a different side of the woman’s face and personality.

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I utilized this color to illustrate my concept powerfully as red is easier to see or spot compared with other colors (Elkan, 2009). When viewers see this color, they would immediately know what the art piece conveys. Furthermore, since red is the color of “dominance and aggression,” (Elkan, 2009) I used it to represent the other side of the woman – one that is far from being plain, simple, detached, and sad. With this art piece, I made use of colors and their meanings as well as my technique of splitting it in half to exhibit the concept of multiple personalities.

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