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What’s happening Essay

“We are going to win this war! ” my regiment sang happily. This was exactly what my mum always wanted me to be – independent, have a family of my own and fight for my country! She would be so proud of me. Even though she’d passed away a while back, she could still see me from heaven – which she used to call “a special place”. Time flew past as we were on our way to win the war. We began digging up the damp mud to build our trenches. Our feet were sinking into the soft surface of the mud. The time had slowed down. Throughout the day, the clock ticked slower as if it has completely stopped.

Our brightness had faded away. Even the smiles on our faces were forgotten. What happened? We had thought that we would win, that this war would be a war to end all wars. We thought this would be the Great War. So what was going to happen? Nobody knew. I had that feeling, which felt like the end! That feeling is fear. I was frightened that I was going to die. I was frightened that we were going to lose. I was frightened that it would get worse. And it did get worse. The Germans began to fire. My fear came back. The captain ordered us to cross no mans land; he said we had no choice. This was it.

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My heart was pounding like the footsteps of a running horse. We started to cross no mans land. My feet were hurting from standing in the muddy trenches. The land was so empty and lonely. I was so stiff from the coldness of the wind, trying to walk on the mud and scared to death. At if I got shot? I thought. The Germans were firing all around us and I could hear the fast beat of my blood drumming through my ears. I was motionless, trying to think of what to do. But it was too hard. At once all I could think about was my mum. Her words went through my head – “one day, you’ll find your victory!

It’s inside you” – from then on I knew exactly what to do. I knew that I would find my victory. I didn’t care if my body was in pain. My mind was strong and that’s what mattered. I dodged the bullets and fought so hard, running and shooting the Germans. But suddenly I felt a pain, a bigger sharper pain than I’ve had before. It was just above my stomach, in the middle. It hurt so much. The ripping feeling was an agony. I looked down and saw blood everywhere. I’d been shot! As I through my feet forward to walk, I couldn’t take any more of the tearing pain. Slowly, I dropped to the muddy ground. Blood was running down my hands.

The incapable agony of the burning bullet got worse and worse but I was still alive. And then… ‘Flash! ‘ through my eyes! Something wonderful had happened. The pain flew away, along with my fear. ‘Flash! ‘ again, but this time I saw my whole life in a flashback right before my own eyes! It felt incredible. Everything went dark. And suddenly I saw my mum. She was standing in a bright light like an angel. This wasn’t a memory this was a real fantasy. Her eyes filled with happiness. Her tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped of her lips. She was happy, and so was I. I knew that I would never lose her. I knew I found my victory.

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