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What is racism Essay

Racism is when someone of a certain race or colour does not like the other person or people that do not look like them, has a different colour skin, is of a different religion or has different hair or eye colour. I believe it started when different races of humans met each other long ago, when whites made blacks slaves, as they believed that blacks were not equal to the whites. Many people believe that white are racist to the black and other races but it can be the other way too.

Racism is a crime and a persons personality, I believe these are both the causes of racism, It is just disgraceful attacking someone because they are of another race or religion, that is just not a good excuse. It is not peoples fault if they are a different colour, God made us the way we are so we should care for each other instead of arguing and fighting we should think of the ways that we are the same instead of how we are different. We are all humans that can control our action, we have emotions, and we should be responsible for our actions and behaviour towards others.

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Martin Luther King Jr was a black Christian who fought for the freedom of the blacks a long time ago when blacks were slaves and whites were very racist. On August 28th 1963, King stood up to 200,000 civil rights supporters. His speech was one to remember: “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it’s creed: we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal… I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of her character.

After his speech in April the 4th 1968 he was assassinated because he was making a great process for the blacks. I have even experienced racism myself, it was in primary school, where this boy who was black called Mike used to try and pick on me at break and lunch time. I just ignored him but sometimes I became angry because I was new in year 5 as I had just come from Spain but sometimes I lost confidence in myself as I thought that maybe one day he might hurt me. The good thing is that after primary school I came to Holy Cross where I have never seen Mike again since then.

The problem is usually that after an attack the victim may loose self confidence or become scared of going outside, I do not have an answer but I believe that people should get on with their usual life and try and ignore racism as it is not worth peoples time. ‘Racist’ attackers hit man with bar A group armed with an iron bar broke a man’s jaw after setting upon him in what police describe as a racially motivated attack. It is the second suspected racist attack in the region in three days.

The 20-year-old Asian man, from the Nechells area of the city, had just got off the bus near his home when he was approached by four white men in Chattaway Street. He was punched in the face by one of the group before another hit him across the face with an iron bar, causing him to lose consciousness. All the attackers are described as white and between 25 and 30, two had shaven heads and were wearing dark clothing. The injured man is recovering in hospital with a broken jaw. This is an article that I found on the BBC news on the Internet.

The Victim suffered dearly with a jaw broken from white thugs. I just cannot understand what is the problem with racist people, why should we hate people from different ethnics. Store petrol bomb attack ‘racist’ Police believe a petrol bomb attack on a newsagent’s store in the West Midlands was the latest in a series of racist incidents. Sukhwinder Kumar’s shop in Walsall was attacked as he counted up for the day at 1900 GMT on Monday. He says his shop has now been targeted dozens of times and he could end up out of business.

West Midlands Police said they were speaking to a number of independent witnesses to the bombing. The shopowner’s nephew, Tony Muman, told BBC Radio WM that Mr Kumar was scared for his family. You just have to think ‘is it worth it, is it worth the safety of myself or my children? ‘ Tony Muman, nephew “He opened the shop some 10 years ago now and it was a thriving business. “He was a happy businessman but the attacks they have had over the years have broken him down. “There is only so much abuse a person can take.

“You just have to think ‘is it worth it, is it worth the safety of myself or my children? ” A police spokesman said: “Obviously we are making inquiries this morning to ascertain who the offenders could possibly be. “We do have independent witnesses to the attack and we will be following this up. ” Here is another article of a racist attack on a shop. The victims become scared and the attackers really enjoy themselves so they come back for more as the shopkeeper said, “his shop has now been targeted dozens of times and he could end up out of business. ” Racist people should just get into their heads that God made us the same; all humans are equal.

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