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What is natural science? Essay

Natural science is a branch of science focusing on the pursuit and application and understanding of natural phenomena in the world. This knowledge is gained through a specific and systematic methodology known as the scientific method. The natural sciences include physics, chemistry, and biology. Though science is powerful, it is not wholly as reliable as many people make it out to be.

The process of establishing scientific knowledge is heavily reliant on empirical knowledge and as a result, it is highly regarded area of knowledge about the natural world. To generate this knowledge, several collective methods are conducted in a logical and objective process through the testing of ideas in multiple ways. The research begins with the introduction of a problem, a hypothesis, a prediction, testing, peer reviewing, publications, falsification, theories, corrections and finally laws. Furthermore, as science adheres to this agreed-upon method, its reliability factor is significantly increased. As a result, scientific knowledge can be said to one that has undergone a process of intellectual digestion which can definitely be seen as one of its strengths.

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The natural science is also highly regarded due to its observation based methodology. The methodology begins with the hypothesis that arrives through observationalist-inductionism which appeals to our sense perception. Similarly, scientific claims such as gravity and our sensual coherence with such claims aid also to reinforce the certainties of the claim. As both the claims and our experiences cohere, it is logical to believe in it, and that the evidence is concrete.

However, perhaps our senses are limited or maybe incomplete? As pointed out in the Friends episode where Ross and Phoebe argue over the validity of evolution, Phoebe raises a significant point stating that there was a time where humans denied evolution so how can we truly be certain of evolution.

Nothing of our knowledge in the natural science is set in stone. It is tentative and constantly compounding upon new discoveries which in itself could be said to be its power. This proves that this area of knowledge is multifaceted, in that it is a collection of facts that change according to new and improved discoveries, organising itself further into theories and laws to reflect our understanding. New pieces of information are compounded into already existing knowledge through several ways of knowing and as a result links numerous things into one collection of knowledge.

Similarly, the very premise of the scientific process that is so highly regarded is that nothing in nature can be proven with 100% certainty. The very same can be said about the process itself. The scientific process is filled with numerous faults. Who is to say that the research conducted is truly objective and reliable? An example of this is the peer review system that is when papers submitted to scientific journals are reviewed anonymously by unpaid experts who are then sent back for improvement and only published after the reviewers have given their approval. A major problem this system faces is groups of scientists using the peer review system to to block papers from other researches as a result of the highly competitive nature of the system.

Ultimately, science is a human endeavor and heavily dependent on humans that are forever bound to make mistakes.

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