What is AAEV - Assignment Example

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According to Center for Applied Linguistics, AAEV is also known, as African American English, it is a dialect of American English used by different African American in certain setting and circumstance. Just like through the earlier year of African American English, the scholarly term to refer to the unique language variety has change through the setting and time centuries. AAE also is known as Negro English, Negro speech, Black English Vernacular and Ebonics. As for the term itself and the meaning of the term through the years, settings circumstances have followed a long.

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Within the short YouTube clip there was some properties of AAEV that was discussed from some African American people from North Carolina. One property that was identified “the love of language/ setting”. For example, “say honey child”, was an example of a commonly use phase. It is explain that in the African American community has the love of language and listing to different styles of language brings the uniqueness in ones community or group. Which is correct straight or sktraight?

It is where you come from and how you say the word is the correct way. Setting is another property for the love of language. If you had two individuals one from the West Coast and one from South Coast one would know which word that particular individual would use, West Coast – straight and the South Coast – skraight. When a word or a dialect is newly created and majority rule on accepting it, it becomes a fad and passed down through generation over time. Another property also discussed is “the dialect form of Be’ing”.

For example “I be going to the store yal! ” It is expressed stating being in process is more descriptive than in regular language. The usage distribution will vs. be going to is rather notional and defies a systematic approach. Be going is a prior plan, something that one has in mind and the do not want to change. And as for will is a probability. Something that you are not totally sure that may happen. And the final property that is discussed in the YouTube clip is “bending of the rule.

In order to convey your message towards one individual, one may have to bend the rule so the other party may understand or even add emphasis on a word. One African American individual for example, while in church people may say “Oh Larwdddd” or “Hallelujaherrrr” to and emphasis that they really feel the word of god or their belief in higher power. As time continues and as the African American generation continues the African American English will continuously be developed.