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Weeping woman by Picasso Assignment

In the picture the weeping woman, there is allot of different moods and atmospheres here are a few: anger, sadness, spitefulness, hurt and pWeeping woman by Picassoain. In the picture it tells us something’s which are happening at that time like the weeping woman is wearing a hat witch means it was done quite a long time ago because we don’t really use that sort of hat any more. Also it tells us a bit about what is happening in Picasso’s life just by looking at the picture we can tell he is angry think the picture painted by Picasso is quite a noisy picture because it gives you the image of a woman crying allot.

Most people looking at this picture would think it was a bit disturbing but I have a different point of view’ I think Picasso is giving us a great opportunity to have a little look into his life. This picture was painted because Picasso had a girlfriend who he dumped and because he wanted to show how much he hated her. He showed her up by painting a picture that made her look ugly and sad. I think there are a few hidden messages in the picture.

For instance the hair is painted delicately and every thing else is bold, I think this means that half way through the panting picasso had second thoughts and he started to realise she wasn’t all bad. Also I think the hat that the weeping woman is wearing was maybe a gift from picasso to his girlfriend. I don’t think picasso painted this picture by observation I think the picture is in his mind all his feelings hurt pain and sadness all put into this magnificent piece of art. This painting was obviously imagined by picasso and is not supposed to be realistic.

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I think the painting is supposed to be exaggerated because he would know it was not true even if he wished it were. This work has been arranged in a special way it draws your attention to certain points of the picture. The artist has been very careful on how he used the colours in the background of the picture. He has used warm colours but for some parts of the woman he has used cold colours such as white and blue. I think he has used these for the things he does and doesn’t like about her like on the mouth he has used cold colours so she may have said something bad about him which would explain these colours.

The colour which I think stands out the most is the white around the mouth I think this whole piece of work is excellent. This painting was used using oil paints and was painted using thick strokes for some parts and thin for others. I don’t think the painter used any sketches or photos to help him paint the picture. I am certain that this work took quite a long time to paint I think this artist has many different skills but the one I like best is he does his paintings without thinking what other people will think, he does it to his own personal choice.

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