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Water Is Life Assignment

Water is the essence of life. There wouldn’t be life without water and that is why we are look for water on other planets. Because where there is water, there is life. Water in today’s world is not given that much importance. Especially by the people who can afford (in money terms) to waste water. We live in a world driven by consumerism and water has been degraded from the state of essential to life to disposable. We are experiences a massive shift in climate. Just about a decade ago everything was normal. It was not this hot, nor was it this cold. Now, tsunamis are common and droughts are everlasting.

What has changed is not the planet but the dispensability of life. We humans are a violent species. We kill not to survive or for food. We are supposedly the dominant species with a brain that has to ability to do many incredible things and yet we are set to destroy the very thing that sustains our lives. More than 50% of a human body is made of water. We have already destroyed almost all of the natural pure water systems in the world. It is true that the earth is covered mostly with water and land is only a small portion. But that water is not drinkable and purifying it for human consumption is expensive.

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Water will be more expensive than oil or gold in the coming ages. There are also other catastrophes to be seen with the loss of water. It’s not just the human species that are dependent on water. The ecosystem is fragile and every species is inter connected. Some are more essential for the planet than humans are. We are destroying their habitat and thus digging a whole much deeper than we can ever imagine. In ancient times, communities where in charge of preserving the valuable water resources, but with advent the industrial age and the age of money and greed, people started moving away from the world of community based living to individual.

This meant that water must be transformed into a commodity for distribution. Capitalism meant that water can be made more valuable by doing nothing to increase demand because water is a life source and thus a necessity. Increasingly the use of water changed. From making Coca Cola to washing our cars. Water has meant nothing to us and we do not think twice about wasting it. If this species even has a chance of survival, then we need to figure out ways to not waste water.

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