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Voilent TV Program Assignment

The private motor vehicle has greatly improved individual freedom of movement. Moreover, the automobile has become a status symbol. Yet the use of private motor vehicles has contributed to some today’s most serious problems. How can the use of private motor vehicles be reduced? People these days tend to have their own motor vehicles because it will be easier for them to go to other places. They do not have to wait for a bus.

But unfortunately the use of excessive private motor vehicles can cause some problems, such as air pollution, loud noise and else. There are several things that can reduce the use of personal motor vehicles; Government Regulation, Better public Transportation, Socialization of the Problems. First of all, Government has to make strict regulations about this problem. For example, one family are not allowed to have more than one car.

Moreover, people who want to buy a motor vehicle must have a certain amount of money in their bank account. etc. These regulations will reduce the purchase of vehicles. Secondly, in a developing country such as Indonesia, most people refuse to use public transportation because its condition is very bad. So, Government should prepare a good and comfortable transportation such as Train Express, it can make people seldom use their private vehicles, because this public transportation is not only fine, but also cheap and fast.

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Lastly, Government should socialize the major problems that are caused by motor vehicles. It will increase people’s awareness and it may change their habit. If they used to drive their own car, because of the Socialization, people may gather in one car if they want to go to the same direction. In conclusion, Government has to take care of this problem from now on, because if they do not, we may face a bigger problem in 5 or 10 years later.

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