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Using QR Codes to Store Patient Information in a Cloud Computing Environment Assignment


This proposal will discuss the QR code within Knight Radiology. By adding a QR Code, this will bring up all the patient information within HIPPA guidelines. Knight Radiology plans on utilizing a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication) System and RIS (radiology information system) to implement the QR Code.


The business problem is initial costs for a small business for PACS, network connectivity, efficient strategic planning. From a support staff view, a lot of paperwork and dusty files. Another problem is patient information on the QR Code being compliant within HIPAA. Not being in compliance within HIPAA could lead to several fines and/or possible jail time. HIPAA stands for Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.

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Proposed Solution

The best way to plan and implement these strategies is to create work groups , radiologists, technologists, and administrative and support staff. Once the group agrees on the strategy and tactic, it takes responsibility for implementation. Implementing the QR code into PACS/RIS system will eliminate future paperwork. By scanning in the QR code, patient information including images within HIPAA will be displayed. Also, using twitter to discuss a summary of the business and QR Code with the hash tag can be helpful from a marketing standpoint.

High Level Approach

To ensure being within HIPAA compliance, I would hire Kroll Advisory Solutions, an advisory HIPAA Self Risk Assessment. The self-assessment provides a thorough and comprehensive assessment of privacy and security controls. Also it provides recommendations to remedy identified risks through practical guidance and best practices (http://www.krollcybersecurity.com/hipaa-risk-assessment/). The assessment may be taken repeatedly during a twelve-month period. This will avoid future fines from HIPAA. Then I would utilize a system analyst to see if the QR Code can be retrieved from a cloud from PACS and RIS systems.

General Benefits

Benefits that will provide the organization are improved competitiveness, improved product and/or service quality, and improved product development. Radiologists and other licensed doctors can have access to the patients information by scanning the QR code onto their mobile device or tablet. The support staff (i.e. receptionist, technicians, and managers ) can easily scan the paperwork onto the device. Therefore, creating the QR code would eliminate paperwork. This would be cost effective in the long run. A positive impact would be within HIPAA compliance for long periods of time.

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