Universal Beauty - Assignment Example

If a group of male individuals from different countries stops to what they were doing because their attention and eyes are caught by a girl passing in front of them, it means that they all think that the girl is sexy and pretty. This will be the evidence saying that all people from different parts of the world appreciate beauty in the same way. This shows that Charles Darwin’s argument that all human beings have similar capacities for experiencing art and beauty, regardless of their culture, is considered to be strong being supported by Immanuel Kant’s idea that people share the same faculties.

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In the book “Uncontrollable Beauty,” the issue between primitivism and modernism has been discussed because of an art exhibition showcasing the works of modernism. There are a lot of viewers’ perceptions with regards to the different masterpieces. Most of them thought that the arts came from primitive people from different places. This is where the debate began; whether the audiences are able to appreciate them as a modern one and to determine where these come from or not.

However, the book primarily focuses on the arguments pro-universality by discussing series of essays from different aesthetic experts. It tries to support the claims of Darwin and Kant of disregarding cultural differences between people in experiencing art and beauty and that they all have the same capacities or faculties (Beckley & Shapiro, 2002). It is stated in a part of the book that people’s universality and objective value are established by their “affinity,” which Goldwater prefers rather than the neutral synonym “similarity” (Beckley & Shapiro, 2002).

What Goldwater tries to point out is that people originated from one place and were just formed into different cultures. Since Darwin stated that human beings evolve as species over thousands of years in the same way, then it is true that they all have the same line of thinking and that they only vary when it comes to their beliefs. However, there is still something that both link them into just one idea and that is their affinities in the presence of their ability to experience things while evolving. Arts and beauty are aspects under this experience.

They also have the same categories for appreciating how beautiful an art is. Rubin as cited in Beckley and Shapiro (2002) also stated that each craftsman is freer when it comes to his decision of having variations on his artwork and developing it. This entails that any artists can independently decide on the specifications of their works. For example, if a woodcarver is working on a sculpture of a goddess, he may freely carve a piece of wood into his own concept of a goddess. He may carve the goddess as one with doe eyes, full lips and a little voluptuous on the pelvic area.

Orientals may not be able to appreciate the portly detail on the front but then, they would still regard the depicted woman as a goddess because of the shared concept of beauty that is universal to humans, regardless of culture and experience. They both have the capability of inferring what things are because they develop the same strategies in evolving and so they have the same ability of looking and determining things and their general classification. Also, they can detect what is similar from not.

This is the whole point of the parallelism of Charles Darwin’s notion that human beings have coinciding aptitudes in experiencing art to Immanuel Kant’s conception that human being share the same faculties in appreciating works of art. So, if the guys mentioned earlier were to be asked what made them think that the girl who walked by as beautiful, they might give different answers, but they, nonetheless, found the girl appealing. It is because they all have the same skills even if they are all from different countries where they have different cultures.