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Two films that have affected my life so far Essay

The two films I have chosen to write about in this essay are ‘beauty and the beast’ and ‘final destination’. Despite the fact that both these films are extremely different, I feel they have both had an affect on my life so far.

I first watched beauty and the beast when I was around eight or nine years old and it was the first Disney film I saw. After watching ‘beauty and the beast’ and discovering how much I enjoyed Disney films, I have watched many, many more Disney films numerous times. This made it difficult to choose just one film to write about as I find them all so enjoyable. However, ‘beauty and the beast’ is still by far my favourite Disney movie.

‘Beauty and the beast’ is the story of a young and pretty girl who is sent to the beast’s castle. It is soon discovered that the beast is actually a handsome man who had a spell cast upon him by a witch in order to teach him a lesson. If he wants to become a man again he has to learn to love someone, as well as make them love him. As in all traditional fairy tales, he succeeds and the film ends happily, which always delighted me as a child.

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There were many reasons that I found ‘beauty and the beast’ such an enjoyable film, the main reason being the use of music. I find that the music adds a significant element of fun to the film, and all the songs used are very catchy. Even now I find myself singing along when I’m watching the film!

Another reason I enjoyed the film was because of the bright colours used. When I was younger, the bright colours kept me captivated, and they continue to do so now!

Another aspect of the film that always interested me was the magical characters. As a young child, I was fascinated by the possibility that inanimate objects could develop personalities and become alive.

I also thought that the backgrounds were fantastically designed to fit in well with the story as well as brilliantly drawn.

‘Final destination’ is a film which is extremely different to ‘beauty and the beast.’ The film centres on a group of teenagers who are supposed to be involved in a plane crash but get off the plane at the last minute. They then start dying in bizarre accidents and soon discover that death is going to catch up with them. They try to trick death but eventually only one of the group succeeds. This film is very gory and with scary elements – definitely not a Disney classic!

The main reason I enjoyed this film was that I found the story line interesting and also enjoyed the feeling of anticipation of waiting to know what was going to happen.

I think the film was very well made and fantastic special effects were used. I thought the effects used to create the plane crash were brilliant and it looked really real, as did the injuries the people suffered when they died.

I also enjoyed the effect the music used had on the film, although in a very different way to ‘beauty and beast.’ The music in ‘final destination’ had the effect of making the atmosphere a lot more tense and added anticipation, rather than making the atmosphere more fun.

Even though both films are extremely different they have both had an impact on my life as ‘beauty and the beast’ was the reason I discovered how much I enjoy Disney films and ‘final destination’ gave me a much more positive attitude towards life as it made me realise that life should be lived to the full and enjoyed.

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