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Two Conflicts Essay

Before I knew what had hit me, it had hit me again. But harder. My mind had a strayed away from my body as my limbs went numb with the pain. With another hit, I fell down onto my battered bloodstained knees. With a hard blow to my back, I fell flat onto my face suffering from severe scratches and bruising to my face. I remember feeling blood dripping onto my closed eye lid, and my face being written on. After that, I can’t remember much more. I awoke to the sound of my mobile phone ringing. I help it to my ear and my mother asked where I was.

I told her that I was on the way home, and stopped off on the way to meet some friends. I was gad to hear that she and my father were out for the night, so I would not have a problem getting home, avoiding the further interrogation I was about to endure in the early hours of the next morning. I went up to my room, and helped myself to an overdose of aspirin. To my surprise, my face and neck was covered in dry blood, and under the blood in a thick black pen, I saw written on my face: ‘Go back to Poland you Jew. And from one ear to another, crossing over my nose, was written, ‘Only a Yid’s nose resembles a potato. ‘

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With shock and disbelief running through me at the same time, I took a step back from the mirror; I raised my hand up to the side of my face. A tear filled my eye, and my emotions spun out of control. I lay on my bed and cried myself to sleep. This was one of the many nights I would undergo within the next few days. I awoke to a sharp pain running down the left side of my back and the sound of my mother calling for me to get ready for school.

Dressing was painful, and I felt I had woken up from a concussion, which I had. I wore a scarf and a hat to cover up my wounds which fooled my mother. On the way to school, I started to think about what it is to be Jewish, and better yet, what’s wrong with being Jewish. A car behind me slowed down, and I heard the words ‘Here, Jew, enjoy a feast! ‘ With that, they chucked a cardboard cup of Cola, and drove off. ‘Thanks for not throwing a cup! ‘ I yelled as they drove off into the distance. One of the guys stuck his head out of the window and what I saw, I would never forget again.

He had a shaved head, he had no top on and had a swastika on his chest and he gave me the Nazi salute. A cold, dark shiver ran down the back of my spine when I realized that I had seen this face before. His dark smile and wide eager eyes hit me like a bolt of lightening. This face, this face which was full of iniquity, this face which I have seen, which a have met before, this face which I saw only the night before. This face brought back memories to my jolted memory. I don’t remember what happened too clearly, but I was attacked from behind.

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