“Turned” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman - Assignment Example

In the short story “Turned” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the author use techniques that make the reader act sympathetically or unsympathetically towards the character and sometime the author will change the reader attitude towards the character for example someone might be good at the start of the story that make the reader to act sympathetically but then in the middle of the story the character become bad that will make the reader change their attitude toward the character to do this the writer uses the following techniques characterization, Plot, Narrative

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In the start of the story the author position the reader to act sympathetically towards Gerta by telling how she feels, she was crying in her poor furnished room about something that we do not know yet and the writer position us to act to be more sympathy towards her because in Passage three Mrs. Marroner said, “I never saw anyone so docile, it is a perfection in a servant, but almost a defect in character. But then in passage 5 we know that Gerta is pregnant and we know that the father of the baby is Mr. Marroner that makes us to act un sympathetically to her because we think that she’s a cheap girl that want to sleep with anyone. But because Mrs. Marroner is going to kick her out of the house we feel bit sympathy to her and when Mrs. Marroner realize that it wasn’t Gerta’s fault it was actually Mr. Marroner fault because Gerta doesn’t know what will Mr. Marroner do to her that makes us realize that she wasn’t a cheap girl the reader position us to act sympathetically.

In passage one the writer position the reader to act sympathetically to Mrs. Marroner by writing how she cries about something in her rich furnished bed room. She was a nice person the try to teach Gerta. She was very nice to Gerta because she cant have a baby and that position the reader to act more sympathy toward her. In passage six the writer change the plot from a nice loving family to a miserable one because Mr. Marroner got the letter mixed up and now Mrs. Marroner know that the father of the baby was none other that his own husband Mr. Marroner that makes us even more sympathy towards her. But then because she was really angry she wasn’t thinking properly so she wants Gerta out of the house that makes position to act unsympathetically to her. But the she changed her mind after seeing Gerta cry in her bed, now she want to look after Gerta and her baby that position the reader to act more sympathetically.

At the start of the story we do not know yet about Mr. Marroner we are like neutral to him but at passage 3 how she loves Gerta and her wife that makes us to act a bit sympathy toward Mr. Marroner. But in passage six how he gets the letter mixed up he putted Mrs. Marroner’s letter on Gerta envelope and putted Gerta’s letter on Mrs. Marroner’s envelope now Mrs. Marroner has know who’s the father of the baby that position the reader to act unsympathetically towards him and how he think by giving Gerta fifty dollars note will solve the problem. And in passage 8 we see that because of him Gerta and Mrs. Marroner was really upset that position us to act even more unsympathetically towards Mr. Marroner.

My expectation about the story is right because I have read a similar story before its called “The Good Corn” I expected there will be a husband, wife and a maid and the husband will make the maid pregnant.

For conclusion I would like to say that our expectation of a story can be right if we have read a similar story before but sometimes at the middle or end of a story a good writer can changed the line of the story and that our attitude towards a character can change a few times in a story.