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Tsar Nicholas II Assignment

Tsar Nicholas II, I am writing to you regarding the state of Russia at current. I know you’re an autocratic ruler and please do not take this letter in the wrong way. I’m not trying to tell you how to rule Russia. Over time I have noticed a significant matter which has become more and more of a bigger issue. The main issue is the that the majority of people living in Russia want is a more a fairer and equal society but as under the way you are ruling this isn’t happening in their eyes as you have employed a lot of the nobility and rely on them.

You haven’t realised the poor life of the majority of people living in Russia at the moment who are known as the peasants. Over time I have seen the life of the peasants and the average age of a peasant is only 40 years old because of the poor quality life. The way they live is a huge consequence to why they live for such a short period of time. The living conditions are dreadful because of the lack of hygiene as they cannot afford to live in nice houses. Also the amount of people living in each room is far too many it is very cramped.

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They are living in poverty. Their houses are cramped and they lack insulation making the peasants prone to diseases like pneumonia. They cannot afford a living because as you know Russia is fairly unsuitable for faming therefore there is simply not enough land to go around as four fifths of Russia are peasant and between them they only have three quarters of the land to share. But the nobility are 1% of the population in Russia but yet they have one quarter of the land in Russia.

Because of this the peasants suffer by living a hard life as they have to suffer with famines and starvation which is very common especially in 1891 when harvests were very poor and there was starvation and diseases going around as a result of this 400,000 people died. But there daily food intake would be foods like rye bread, Porridge, cabbage soup and fish. Meat is very rear for them, unlike for you it’s a daily must have. Even though they live an endless cycle of poverty they have to put up an unbearable work load.

Men and women are working in factories under hot, damp, dirty, dangerous conditions for long hours, for a pay of almost nothing. Their shifts are 12-14 hours a day. The weekly wage for a man during is around 15 shillings, but women and children are paid much lower wages. The women earn only around 7 shillings and for children 3 shillings. This is a terrible wage. Just think comparing this to your wage it’s a huge difference. Imagine if this was you, its no wonder they can’t live long because they are working so much but getting paid so little.

It gets them nowhere. They live without food at times because of the huge taxes that they have to pay! To add to this you know Cotton threads have to be spun at less than 70i?? F, The air is full of dust which leads to many cases of Chest and Lung diseases and loud noises made by the machines are damaging the workers hearing. I don’t know if you’ve realised the harsh things the children have to do. They are forced to crawl into dangerous and unguarded machines where sometimes the outcome would be that there fingers would get stuck in the machine.

One person I spoke to told me that they had seen an iron bar forced straight though the cheek of a girl. He said this was usual along with other punishments including hanging weights, hanging them from the roof in baskets, nailing a children’s ear to the table, and drowning them in cold water to keep them awake. However a life of the nobility is completely different. They live a comfy and elegant life and live in the glamorous cities and are a key part to your life by acting like office officials. But they don’t work 12 – 14 hours but have a better lifestyle then the peasants.

They are fed on a daily regular basis but sometimes the peasants have to go without food for days even though there the ones who produce it! How would you feel if you had to go without food for days? The working conditions in which they work in are l far better then the peasants and they earn more money. The nobility don’t have to pay hefty taxes even though there the ones that can afford it. They are also in control of the peasants when they are working but the nobility are born into this lifestyle this makes it unfair and much harder for the peasants to build up their life.

Because of this the workers and Peasants are the people who want change the most. There are four main groups who demand change but want similar but different type of things. Constitutional Democrats who are known as the Cadets want a parliamentary government which they think we lack now but they want to keep the monarchy but don’t want an “absolute monarchy” because they want a constitutional monarch. In order to get this they want it to be done peacefully. Socialist Revolutionaries want to get what they want through an act of violence; they are getting moral support because they want to lose you the Tsar.

This is highly supported by the peasants. Social democrats – Mensheviks they also want to lose you as they don’t want autocracy and want more equality, in order to get this they need to get more people which gets more power. The Bolsheviks who were also part of the Social democrats but are now there own independent group want to lose you but they want to keep the group small in order to get a good plan. As you can see from the above groups different things are wanted. This is purely because of the state of which Russia is in.

They want change because they don’t think you are running the country the way they like. They all want equality. So that the peasants the middle class, the nobility and the workers no longer have these names but are all equal. The peasants believe this will make Russia a better country. The middle class want a greater democracy just like Britain has. Imagine if you were in there place, wouldn’t you want the same thing? We have already had strikes, demonstrations and protests. What will this lead us to next a revolution?

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