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A True Reflection of the Role of Civil and Criminal Sanctions Assignment

The most violent and heinous crimes committed anywhere in the world are by the youth. These are organized and in a proper manner, with no shortcomings at any end on anyone’s part. Research has found out that the youth are the ones who are most definitely involved in this menace. At times, the politicians are the ones, who use them in order to hold protests against any civil or governmental norm prevalent in a certain region of the world, which enrage these youth. Studies have shown that the extreme cases of criminal behaviours all involved having youth at their expense.

They not only ring with them terror for the common citizens but also introduce a huge dust of alcohol, abuse of drugs and many other forbidden things in the society. The future generation should be made to stay away from this peril as much as possible. Conformity and compliance with the law is the duty of every citizen and he must get this thing right in his system right from the starting of his youth. Poverty and the lack of education in the lives of young ones, makes them the most vulnerable among all the human populations of any country or for that matter, the world.

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Committing a crime is not a remedy to get one’s hopes nd needs fulfilled but there is a certain way to do everything and quite rightly so every society has some pre-set ways to go about the same in the most simplest and accommodating (for its citizens) of manners possible. The organizations, not really the ones that are famous and well known, are also involved in organizing crimes, which are exploiting the younger generation of today. These create networks between their different branches and then go about performing their so-called duties to the society in a negative fashion.

Mafias, gangs, triads and many more are just a few to be named as the well- et organizations in today’s world who are organizing crimes, hiring people for the same and then committing the evil through these people, mostly involving the youth. These organizations are also quite diligent in spreading the use of drugs and alcohol in the young blood. They operate in a secret capacity and cannot be easily tracked down by the law enforcing agencies and the like.

At certain places or areas, these organizations have illegally and immorally patched up with these agencies and the police departments to carry out their heinous and atrocious evils in the society. Civil and criminal sanctions within a society suggest the implementation of law and other regimes and that there is absolutely no one who is above the rule of law. This is pertinent since there have been a lot of instances where individuals have taken the law in their own hands had gone about damaging the social fabric within a country or region for that matter.

The police authortitiesnd law enforcement agencies must be on the watch out for these individuals who seem to think that they are above the law and must be taken to task so as to set a good precedent of law and order within a society. Civil and criminals sanctions at least ensure that these people remain on alert as concern to their illegal activities and they get to know about the existence of law and order authorities who are keeping a constant check on what they are planing to do so or have done in the recent past.

Apart from this, there is a need to make these people realize the importance of conforming with the law regimes in place and getting their act right when it comes to complying with the stated rules and laws as narrated by the societal norms and constitutional values. These sanctions seem to stem out from the way in which people have been brought up with the passage of time. A commoner in today’s society is enticed every now and then toward newer and more fancy products and indeed a similar way of life.

For this, he wishes to have more money and if he works , he expects his employers to pay him more than his actual wage. This does not happen in the real world and eventually the youth with their hot blood fuming inside, take up committing crimes and start earning instant and lavish money. They believe this is their right and do not want to be left out on ny account when compared with any other superior individual of the society. The wages for the low- skilled workers had its sudden decline in the early 70s, which spanned over a period of 20 years, ending up round about in the early 1990s.

This decline resulted in a drift, which changed the demographic impact that was the basis of crime all these years as well as of the crack cocaine effects of the 1980s, to name just a few. Crime is on the rise in the world and studies and surveys suggest that the same will continue to do so in the years to come. These rates have always been on the hill when a society is a multicultural, industrialized and democratic one. Also , a new trend has set in where the least crime affected nations have reported higher crime rates than ever before, suggesting that there is something more to just wages and low skilled workers’ salaries.

Interestingly, these nations do include the most economically feasible platforms for its countrymen. Crimes such as rape, robbery, attack and assassinations for meagre sum of money has been on the rise in less developed nations as well as the more sound and developed ation like that of United Kingdom. These crime rates are on the downfall in the country ever since economy has began to stabilize and people getting what they strive for in every field of life. Similarly, street crime has been on the decline as well for almost two decades now.

There must be a method of providing a solid basis of conformance and compliance with the laws and this is only possible when there is an earnest desire to do the very same on the part of the individuals. White collar crime is one form of crime that is on the escalation everywhere in the western world. It ranges from breach of trust in highly technologically skilled societies to fraudulent charges and computer pilfering. It has been estimated to continue for an indefinite period of time in the future generations.

This sort of crime is difficult to define and hence few countries have been able to ascertain its origin, its perspectives and its rationale. This one is literally very hard to describe and examine and equally harder to enforce and arbitrate. The irony of white collar crime is that government and the people in particular do not pay heed to its curtailment and if something for he better is not done in this era, then it will surely become a super menace in tomorrow’s age.

Now it is up to the authorities as to how they curb the menace of crime in a particular city, area or country and what steps they undertake to ensure that the same does not happen again. If only these steps are taken in the best manner possible, then there could be some light seen at the end of the tunnel. In conclusion it is a must that the world of today must respect the youth and tries to encourage them so that they don’t act in a manner which is not close to that of an uncivilised society. As good citizens, it is the duty of the ellow countrymen to try their level best to eradicate the menace of mafias, gangs and others.

Youth should be encouraged more towards sports and healthy extra curricular activities rather than using them for leaders’ political movements. The world can only be a better place if the people are happy and people are only contented and satisfied when they see their children and toddlers bloom like flowers in every department of life. If the youth as well as the adult offenders do not give up their acts for the betterment of the society that they hail from and the world in which they reside, then surely they need o be put behind bars and given rigorous punishments since it is significant to nip the bud right at the very beginning.

This indeed provides for a sound rationalization of the civil and criminal sanctions that are imposed by the society and the same need to be understood in a proper and adequate manner by one and all. The end result must be one that goes towards the improvement and enhancement of the society and the evil has to die all said and done. Ensuring compliance and conformity with the law is surely something that reaps rich dividends in the coming times.

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