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Trinity Essay

In this picture of Trinity, the first thing that you see is the gun in her hand right up to the camera, as if trinity is aiming for someone. This shows the power of trinity. Stereotypically you would think that it would be a man in this position. Another example of power is how she is high up on top of a skyscraper; this shows that she has trespassed to get there. It also gives the impression that she is on top of the world, and is overlooking a whole city. This is another example of her power.

Her facial expressions are very serious and it looks like she is concentrating on aims her gun, even known you can not see her eyes because of her blacked-out glasses, you can tell from her posture and other facial expressions. The clothes that she is wearing make her look like Neo, showing that she is a very powerful woman again, and she is also wearing a very tight vest to attract men to the film, as they can see her body figure. This could bring in a target audience of men without them seeing anything else.

In this picture of Selene from underworld, you can see that she is looking over the whole landscape, showing that she has a lot of power, and she is not afraid of extreme heights, and you could also take her cap and a way of her flying. The camera angle also gives you the impression that Selene is bigger than the moon, even known in this picture the moon seems to have been enlarged. She is also holding a pistol in her hand, showing that she is ready to use it. I think that the whole picture makes you think that she is after someone and she Is looking for them. There is a theme of dark colours used, which is a sign of evil.

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