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Travelling thru’ Rain Essay

Plat, Plot, Plat, Plot, Plat, Plot……..It was raining and I was walking ,slowly, through some damp, moist, deathly trees when suddenly I felt drowsy and fell on the wet ground. I was not sure what happened but when I woke up the sound had changed from some rain to the waves on a beach.

There was a beautiful island around me. I was a little hungry, but I could survive for an hour or two. Someone tapped me from behind and I saw my Great Grandma, the one who passed away when I was only two years old. She looked beautiful! They were right, she did look like a princess, but I had never realised that. For some reason she wasn’t talking to me (not sure why…) but I found out that she wanted me to follow her. I did. We walked through some forests with lots of fruit trees.

I was just about sure they are venomousness. But I had never seen anything this colourful on a tree in my life! She took me in a cave and through the opening on the side of the wall, I could see outside clearly. What a beautiful island was! The sky was blue, the sea was green and the island was green. It looked like a picture in the exhibition. I looked exactly like heaven (or I thought it did)!

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I was not sure why she brought me here but it was worth it. She showed me some of her friends and some faces looked familiar, but I was not sure who they really were. I was really tired so I told my grandma that I would like to go to sleep, suddenly I saw a shock on her face, as if she wanted to look at me even more because she would never get the chance. But sure she would, tomorrow is another day. Suddenly, a strident noise came out from the sea. Was it a warning? I didn’t know and I didn’t really care. I was wrong!

Tomorrow was not another day on that island; it was another day in the woods. But instead there were lots of sunshine and not any rain. I woke up when the sunlight shone on my face. Then I walked through the forest that has many low trees and shrubs not to find something to eat, but to find my grandma. She was nowhere to be seen! I realised that it wasn’t a dream, but I had travelled through time; to the future and that place was heaven.

I knew there were some familiar faces there that my grandma showed me and one of them was my grandpa! Even I was there; and many other people who had died but I wasn’t sure when we would all die and go to heaven. At least now, I can warn people that they are going to die soon, but that means I will have to warn myself.

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