Travel Guide - Assignment Example

Nigeria is an ideal holiday destination for both couples and families with its hot climate; luxurious beaches. Not forgetting the exotic food on offer.

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Nigeria has 6 cities, the popular (and most populated city should I say) is Lagos as has two of Nigeria’s major urban islands Lagos Island and Victoria Island.

Victoria Island Lagos Island

Victoria Island is one of the nicest places to visit and would make a pleasurable destination for couples as it has fantastic beaches with their white pure sand and opulent views.

You will want to see Tafawa Balewa Square on the Lagos Island but be careful not to go at night as it is not very safe. Another place to visit is Badagry with its whispering palms, and sumptuous beaches.


If you want to see some historical artefacts the National museum of Nigeria in Victoria Island is good and also Didi museum in Lagos Island.

Didi Museum

Nigeria is the country to make your taste buds go wild with its cuisines such as Okra soup, plantain (fried, boiled; roasted), pepper soup which can be very hot so be careful, amala, eba, pounded yam, efo, egusi soup (usually eaten together with some stew at the side and meat), jellof rice (my personal favourite), ground nut soup, ogbono soup, isi ewu – goat’s head stew, suya – kebab and peanuts, moi moi – bean cake, puff-puff, chin chin and owerri soup which is the most expensive african soup in Nigeria.

Pounded Yam and Egusi Jellof Rice and Stew

The best way to get around the city is by motorcycle – (what the locals call okada). The okadas will get you to where you want to go quickly but be aware okadas are not for the faint hearted, drivers don’t give you a helmet to wear while riding one; there fast, swift and furious. For the less adventurous there are lots of buses and taxis. There are two main types of buses, the molue and the danfo. Both buses are risky buisness you pay your fare before you get on and hold on tight, just like normal buses you are not guaranteed a seat and it can be quite a squah.


The price for a taxi is fixed depending on where you wanna go, you don’t have to negotiate however some drivers have risky driving styles, some like to dodge through traffic like homicidal maniancs.

The best thing about Nigeria’s busy road traffic is the food that gets sold on the road different varieties from Sausage rolls call d Gala, Pure Water and Plantain chips. It’s like having room service on a busy road.