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Transportation Assignment

Transportation is the one of important thing in our life. If there was not transportation, how would we go somewhere or how would goods be transported? In ancient times, new places were explored and also nowadays, space is being discovered through transportation. If nothing moves, nothing happens. Namely, life without transportation can not be thought. Many things are invented for transportation until now. The wheel was invented in about 3000 BC. From that time to now, transportation styles and vehicles changed incredibly. Acording to their places transportation can be divided into three groups which are land, sea and air transportation.

The first group is land transportation. Cars, trucks, vans and pickups are examples of this group. These vehicles move on wheels and they can go everywhere on land. Land transportation is the most common way in the world. It is always prefered for short distances. Most of us use this way everyday. There are sixteen million land vehicles in Turkey. This means a fifth person has a land vehicle.

The second group is sea transportation. This group includes ships, boats, ferries and yachts. This way is used since ancient times. If we ignore conguest of Istanbul, this vehicles go to sea through buoyant. Sea way is the slowest way. However, sea vehicles can be very big. Therefore, they can transport huge amounts. Moreover, it is always used for touring in Turkey.

The last group is air transportation. Airplanes, helicopters, cargo planes and jumbo jets are member of this group. Although this way was used for wars, nowadays it is mostly used for passenger transportation. Since it is the fastest way and not very expensive, it became very common way. There are sixty seven airports in Turkey, but fourthy five of them are being used. People can go to an other country in a few hours by using this way. Acording to investigations, although airline is the fastest way, this way is the safest one.

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In conclusion, transportation is already in our daily life and we need to use it. So it is the one of indispensable thing in our life. We always need to go from somewhere to another and goods needs to be transported. For all these, there are different transportatins. We always use land way to go home, school, work or anywhere else. So, we can reach land vehicles everywhere. Goods are always transported by ships. It is slower, but it is cheap way and it can take huge amounts. For long distances we always use airlines, as it is so fast. You can reach everywhere you like. Namely, transportation is part of our life.

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