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Trailer comparison Essay

A film trailer is a short piece of film that usually lasts up to two minutes- it’s purpose is to advertise and attract people, which means that it gives them a chance to promote the film. A trailer gives vital information about the film, such as the release date and also who is starring in it. It will also give the target audience an over-view on what the film is actually about, it will give the plot to the story. The trailers are usually displayed before the start of a film, of the same target audience. Sometimes a trailer will use the teaser campaign giving you enough information so that you want to find out more.

There will be a voice-over, which will tell you more about the film and maybe introduce the plot or screen characters to the audience. Most of the time they will select the best parts of the narrative for the trailer- to attract people to go and see the film. The main way that the distributors will attract people to go and see their film is by using something called ‘Teaser Campaign’ which means that they will give away enough information for you to want to go and see the film, but might leave you on the edge wanting to know more.

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For example they might leave at the end ‘Coming soon’ and won’t give you a specific date for when the film is out. Or they may leave a cliffhanger for you so that you will want to go and find out what happens. Then there is the certificate rating, this will tell you what age is suitable to see this film. Both ‘The Tigger Movie’ and ‘Chicken run’ are both ‘U’, which means universal; this tells us that these films will be suitable for all ages. Here are some more examples of some certificate ratings: This stands for parental guidance, which means that

Parents may wish to check the film before allowing Their child to view it. This means that the film is not suitable for anyone Under the age of twelve years. This means that the film is not suitable for anyone under The age of fifteen years. This means that the film is not suitable for anyone under The age of eighteen years ‘Chicken run’- is an action/ animation with clay models, the unique selling point to the film is that the Oscar winning company that produced Wallace and Gromit have also made ‘Chicken Run’- Which means that it is a sign of quality.

Having a big celebrity ‘Mel Gibson’ gives the film star appeal, because people can relate to the character and also this is another sign of quality. The plot is also given away in one carefully chosen extract from the film by saying ” You want to get every chicken out of here at one time?! ” The film is made out of special effects, which would attract people because it is quite unusual and unique to have clay models in a film. The music throughout the film is quite passive- which means that it is in the background it is quite a slow pace, whereas the trailer starts off at a slow pace (mysterious) and then ends up fast pace and adventurous.

The target audiences for ‘Chicken Run’ range from about 9 to about 30. This film also has an element of comedy. The Tigger Movie is adventure/animation film that is a feature length cartoon. The trailer starts off at a slow pace and then gets into a fast tempo-with up beat music. The main unique selling point to the film is that it is only out in the cinema and you cannot buy it on video. Also they tell us that it is a new type of film to try and attract people, we do not know what this means but it can impress people and attract a larger audience.

They also drum the name of the film into your head by saying ‘The Tigger Movie’ three times during the trailer. Another unique selling point to the film is by the way that they are keeping you in suspense by not telling us the exact date and by saying ‘Coming soon to a cinema near you’ This will make you want to find out more. I am now going to compare the two trailers ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘The Tigger Movie’ some differences between them is that firstly; Chicken Run is an animated film that has clay models in it and The Tigger Movie is a cartoon animation, but they are both Action/adventure.

I would think that Chicken Run would appeal to more people for the simple reason that there is a famous person featured in it, that would bring older people to go and see the film, whereas Tigger The Movie wouldn’t really attract many adults as well as children. The pace of the film in Tigger The Movie is not like Chicken Run because it starts off at quite a slow pace and then it gets more adventurous and then slows down again. The music also changes when this happens, in Chicken Run this does not happen, the music stays passive practically all of the way through the trailer, and there is action all of the way through.

In my opinion the most effective film trailer would have to be ‘Chicken Run’, because firstly it is clay animated film, which is very unique and unusual, and then on top of that it has a famous person starring in it, that everyone knows and can relate to. Therefore it has quite a large Target audience compared to The Tigger Movie. Another point that makes Chicken Run much better is the fact that an award winning company that produced Wallace and Gromit- this will give a sign of quality to the film.

I think that the music in The Tigger Movie is quite a bit more up beat and will appeal to the younger audience, because they will find it easier to determine happy and sad parts to the film. The voice-over in chicken run is much more effective because they sum up the whole of the narrative in one line which is very effective, I think that The Tigger Movie has a smaller target audience, which suggests that this film is not going to do as well as Chicken Run in the Cinema.

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