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Research Assignment Examples

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The Correlation between Human Socialization and Cognitive Development

Some current scientific research support that there is a clear link between human socialization activities and cognitive development. This paper explores the various research done on the subject in both sociological and clinical perspectives. The goal is to examine whether or not there is sufficient collaborative evidence between these two major mechanisms of academic research…

The aim of scientific research

Scientific research may be described is the backbone of our development. The progress of mankind and the related improvements in the quality and comforts of life may be attributed to scientific research. Scientific research has not only enabled us to get a better life than our forefathers, but also promises us of a secure future….

At the Penn Station: A Social Experiment

Observing people is one of my favorite pastimes. I have always been interested in observing other people’s reactions on certain situations since you will never know what to expect from strangers. For this assignment, I chose to monitor the people at the Penn Station as I frequently pass by the place whenever I drop by…



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Social research

There are several different methods a researcher may use for collecting primary data. Primary is data the researcher collects himself and that no one else has access to. Some of those methods include observation, interviews and a mail survey. Secondary data refers to data that has been collected by another source that is accessible to…

An Article Stressing the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

The issue of corporate social responsibility has long been present even in the initial history of mankind. With the demands and obstacles besetting today’s modern world, an enormous prominence was put into this specific matter for the past decades. While the concept has earned several criticisms and concerns apparently because it allegedly promotes hypocrisy and…

Sources and Research

First of all, let us take the time to define the two concepts contained in the title. Sources. Research. Research can mean, simply the collection of information regarding a particular subject. However, it most often refers to a deeper category of data collection, one that involves critical thinking and studious inquiry. It is an activity…

Sample Size Estimation as Exemplified in Job Satisfaction Survey

Sample size determination is an important step in the survey conceptualization process. Various considerations must be taken into account prior and subsequent to the calculation of the survey sample size. One prior consideration to consider is the type of variable being measured. For example, job satisfaction is usually measured using a Likert scale made up…

The Role of Research and Statistics in the Field Of Psychology

Statistics and research are very important elements of psychological studies. The two disciplines make up the psychology field of science as they are involved in building logic about natural perception of human behavior. Statistics and research methods are used to collect information, analyze, evaluate and draw conclusions about psychological theories. Al these are about providing…

How does the process of dispossession affect Aboriginal people

In your response mention land, kinship groups and the Stolen Generation The dispossession of Aboriginal land had a damaging impact on the indigenous peoples in post 1945 Australia. Throughout Aboriginal history, land, spirituality and kinship have been inextricably linked. The dispossession from land and kinship has had a devastating impact on the stolen generation in…

Results and Conclusion of the Research Process

The title of this research study is Stressful life events and the tripartite model: Relations to anxiety and depression in adolescent females. The study was investigated by Jeremy Fox, Leslie Halpern, Julie Ryan, and Kelly Lowe (2011). This paper will expand on previous information reported, which included the background and methodology of the research study….

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