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Experiment Assignment Examples

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Studying in a Social Context

Community is a set – up by which a number of families interact with each other. The habitats or the places of living are the same and there are many factors after which people are able to encounter good and bad experiences with their communication with each other. Conducting a research in a certain place…

The Asch Study: The Need To Conform

The experiments led by Solomon Asch requested a group of students to participate in a “vision test. ” However, in actuality, all but one of the participants was a co-conspirator of the experimenter. The study led by Asch was performed to determine how the remaining student would respond to the behavior and answers of the…

Synthesis of Aspirin and Oil of Wintergreen

Organic molecules have a wide range of applications occur both intracellular as well as in many different industries. The reactions use the reactivity of functional groups attached to organic molecules, as well as general chemistry concepts such as Le Chatelier’s Principle (). The synthesis of Aspirin (its chemical name being acetylsalicylic acid) and of oil…



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Experiment to investigate the the rate of carbohydrate fermentation by Yeast

Aim: To investigate the effect yeast on glucose and other respiratory substrates such as sucrose and starch. I will measure the amount of carbon dioxide bubbles produced using a respirometer. The more bubbles produced in a given time, the higher the rate of respiration. I will achieve this by reacting the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with…

What effect changing the concentration of calcium ions has on the rate of coagulation of milk

Aim: Plan an investigation to find out what effect changing the concentration of calcium ions has on the rate of coagulation of milk. Prediction: I predict that as the concentrations of calcium ions is increased; the rate of milk coagulation will also increase, but at a certain point the calcium ions will stop affecting the…

To investigate the effect of Trypsin using a photographic film

Prediction: In this experiment there are two variables. Firstly, the pH. Changes in pH would alter or totally inhibit the enzyme from catalysing a reaction This change in the pH will affect the polar and non-polar intramolecular attractive and repulsive forces and alter the shape of the enzyme and the active site as well to…

Psychological evaluations

There were a few limitations in the experiment which could be taken into consideration if I were able to do again. Firstly, the important one is making judgement of accurate final end point. Determining the colour of iodine in slower reactions of blue-black and dark brown was difficult in some cases. In the end of…

Expressive typography

We were given the task to experiment with a range of adjectives that expressed our personalities; we used these adjectives to write our name in a style which showed our personality. First of all I choose 3 words that described my personality; these were crazy, arty and psychedelic. Out of these 3 words I decided…

Keeping Hot Drinks Hot

From my results, I can tell that the best insulator in the experiment is Polystyrene. The worst insulator in the test was aluminium. The polystyrene is a very good insulator because it has several air pocket which keep heat in. Air is a good insulator of heat, which helps keep object warm. In this test,…

To create an isotonic solution that potatoes can be stored in

Aim: I will create a solution that will be perfect for storing potato chips in. This solution must have a perfect concentration of salt to water, so creating an isotonic solution, which will stop osmosis occurring so neither causing the potatoes cells to swell up or shrivel up. Variables: To make sure my results are…

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