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To Overcome Fears Essay

Fear is not something which you can easily go to the doctor with to get fixed. A lot of people believe incorrectly that fear is for their own good. There is a cure for fear, so long as you know where to look. If your afraid you’re afraid. Fear is something which you feel, it’s simply there and a logical thought. If you suffer a fear of a description you have probably handled it in various ways. Most people with a fear of heights, for instance approach their fear primarily by avoiding it.

If you don’t go up there you won’t be afraid, but there are many times when you would like to be able to climb up to the top of whatever landmark it may be or to drive over a bridge. You could experience fear when someone frightens you and they surprise you and you jump in confusion. Some people will say that you made their heart stop or something like that from being so surprised. Some people scream as loud as possible and quiver. Sometimes people are so scared that they just stand there like they are frozen.

People who are easily frightened are like cats in general because they are easily scared also. To some people Halloween can easily be fearful. We dress up in weird costumes with our children and go trick-or-treating for candy. We try to frighten the people at the door, or to entertain them with our costumes. The holiday has a fearful setting within itself, not only costumes and candy; people put out skeletons and ghosts, along with graveyard scenery.

Some people like to play creepy music. Even though it’s just for fun, it can be a way to overcome the fear for the holiday. But fear itself is a different animal. Fear is an instinctive emotional reaction as opposed to a physical illness. The cure cannot come from outside of yourself no one else can cure fear for you. They can, however, guide you in the right direction by showing you the best way in which to begin your search for a cure.

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