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In Time Movie: Reaction and Reflection Paper Assignment

When I watched this movie, it reflects on me a lot because there are so many lessons I’ve learned. Even though it is a Sci-Fiction movie, I had a great time watching it because I’ve learned many things on how we should spend our time wisely because I believe in the saying “ time is gold” that one should apply to his/her life. It teaches me to cherish most of your time with the most important persons in your life and don’t waste it. This is to when Will Salas(Justin Timberlake) didn’t make it meet with her mom before she dies.

Another is in the film for them to live with their needs in life they pay for time instead of money. Time in this Film is their money, and That’s really weird and exciting for me at the same time, because the advantage of it is, they do not need money to pay for their needs to live instead they only pay in time, but the disadvantage of it is whenever they buy luxuries, pay for their transportations, deposit in a bank the number of times in their lifespan will decrease, and there is a possibility that they will die early. And another disadvantage is their time can be stolen.

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This can be applied through the Structional-Functional theory because the time serves as their money in their society. Another one that I used is the Evolutionary Theory, In their future society, people are genetically modified to stop aging at, and after that, a clock is activated with one more year for each citizen. Time is a currency, and the wealthy that live in the New Greenwich are immortals while the poor live in ghettos in time zones are exploited and forced to live with a few hours or days, and need to work, borrow, beg or steal to stay alive.

Thieves steal time, and the timekeepers control the society. During the movie, I also applied the Social-Conflict and Symbolic- Interaction theory through the concept of “survival of the fittest” because one character drops a quote saying “for anyone to be immortal, many must die. This means the existence of immortality of the rich only exists with the deaths of poverty. So this means there is a conflict between the poor and the rich because Will Salas disagree with the type of life they have, it is very unfair to the poor people.

So he makes a way to end up the difficulties and to stop the Timekeeper in managing their time. What I liked about in the movie is People never age by their Physical appearance. I was so shocked and amazed, and I wish it will happen in real life. I mean who would not like that kind of life after all. And I think everybody would agree. This could be applied again through Evolutionary Theory. Another lesson that I’ve learned in the movie is

“Time is money. No, wait. Money is Time”.

I’m confused by this a lot! It puzzles me a lot.


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