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Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch to Live Essay

The wind howled in my ears, the freezing cold left my nose and ears numb, I couldn’t smell, or hear clearly. In the distance I could hear the search party in the distance shouting and calling to one another. I am currently on my way to a friend who is helping me to escape a grim execution.

My name is Margaret, I’m sorry but my life depends on my maiden name, I prefer to remain anonymous. If you here about me I’d be referred to be Lucifer’s “servant” in other words a heathen, commonly known as a witch. Ignorance and superstition is the people of this common sense, It is a corrupt world which I have grown up in. Sadly this community is falling apart due to the stupidity of the “upper” class community because these authoritative leaders control the common people like myself. We are always looked upon with condemnation; if a theft is carried out our part of society we are first suspect, interrogated and finally prosecuted.

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It is a death penalty for those who go against God’s church and become witches for apparently I am charged with casting spells on my friends, family and everyone I know is potentially in threat of spiritual and physical harm. This is my diary which I am revealing to you, I hope you find it informative, interesting and understand that what my position is. Hopefully your time will not be like mine.

My tale is quite remarkable I am from the north of Wales, when I was young my father died of strange disease, when I was about seven my mother unfortunately died of a broken heart, proven to be to much her for her. I was placed in the hands of my loving aunt who nurtured me until I was fifteen. Her friend Ruth who on numerous occasions had visited, a pleasant woman in my opinion, however she was barren and she asked permission from my aunt t adopt me. I accepted, said my farewells and was on my way to a new life in London.

I eventually became fond of my new guardian for she was indeed my second mother she taught me the meaning of survival in this twisted world, from herbs and spices to aid and poison, she told me the most useful things of her knowledge and most importantly common sense. In this time I could easily survive for I had more knowledge than some men for I could read and write, this was my pride.

Unfortunately when I was in my mid-twenties she had an unfortunate miscarriage being wise even though she was upset she told me not to shift the blame on my self, their was a great grievance in my heart but I someway comforted that it wasn’t my midwife skills.

A couple years later she was comforted in heart and soul, she was blessed with a son they named him Peter and I was appointed his godmother, I was honoured by this proposal.

I was on a trip to east London, however the wind and hail came swiftly; I needed a shelter for the night. Hastily I rattled on the door of a man who was surprisingly treating me cruelly, he shunned me back into the pouring rain; I left muttering angrily under my breath. The next morning in the village was in uproar in the early morning, I wondered how there could be such noise it wasn’t even 10:30. The same twisted, foul mannered man who evilly sent me to freeze in the cold. He was angry but upset in someway as the gossip went around. I do not have supernatural powers least of all evil ones that inflict harm and pain upon others.

I ran out of sight before I could be interrogated by the curious members of the public. I took the next horse carriage back to my home.

Sam Jackson is a powerful man, he is a wealthy land owner, a important governor for the town under the minister and always seems to get his own way. His influence over people is very great, he is ruthless when it comes to overdue money and land boundaries, with most rich men their craving is for more power. Being a Christian amazes me for he is a miser. Our differences in the community as you can see are clearly different.

Now I am at home at Sam Jackson himself knocked the door I opened and was greeted by a whimpering Minister and Jackson. The discussed some thefts from his private stash of money and the peculiar events that seem to happen around me, I shivered I am not a thief nor sorceress. They left, bustling out of the room and I was filled with apprehension and worry of what they could be thinking and how to take action.

All of a sudden Ruth burst through the door and informed me that I was due for a hanging at dawn, they planned to secretly ambush me whilst I was sleeping and get everyone out the house and set it alight for me to burn. The Minster had informed the town, I looked with her with horror she quickly told me to prepare for a long journey. Towards sunset she explained the journey that I must take to survive this persecution and escape I was to follow the Thames to a marshy area where her friend lives and give a ring as a token. We said our farewells and I left, In the distance I could hear rage and screaming.

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