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Do you think there are still ideals which would be sufficient to make a conflict a just war Essay

A just war is a war that is justified due to religion or belief. Groups, countries or even nations may go to a war because they feel that it is their duty to do so for their religion, their God or if there are no other alternatives to meet demands. If someone feels a war is just they feel it is right and must be carried out to get their outcome. For a war to be just all other alternatives to war must have been tried, so a just war is a last resort. An example of this is happening at this present moment with America, the United Nations and Iraq.

As after the September 11th killing at the twin towers in New York terrorism is feared by a man known as Sadaam Hussain and some people cannot rest till he is rid of his devastating weapons. America and the United Nations are willing to go to war with Sadaam as sufficient weaponry has not been given up on demand. Though America and the United Nations are trying alternatives to war like longer deadlines to hand over weapons but lack in co-operation from Sadaam is making war more likely. If Sadaam refuses to co-operate for much longer U. S.

A and the U. N will go to war, a just war. As a Christian I totally disagree with war but if it was unavoidable at all costs and was a just war I would not protest against a war. This is because the war may kill some innocent people though not on purpose but if terrorists have their way millions of innocent lives may be lost. In this day and age conflicts end in mass killings and devastation. The last that Britain were involved in was an attack on Afghanistan which killed thousands of innocent people because of a conflict with one man.

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Modern day conflicts are mainly fought over power, resources and land. Everyday deadlier and more sickening biological weapons are being made to bring deadly diseases to people so they can suffer for weeks in pain rather than a split second in an explosion. Once a modern day conflict goes ahead there are no boundaries to how many lives must be taken till the war has been fought. Lives today are just a statistic to men who are trained to kill. It does not take much reasoning for there to be a conflict in the modern day.

Less modern day conflicts are fought over belief and religion as different cultures are respected more in this age. Dealing with terrorism is a big problem as it is not just the terrorists you have to go to war with to stop them but the whole country including innocent children. Though terrorists can cause mass destruction and some of these biological weapons they have could cause terror to a whole continent with one dose. This is because it is highly contagious and spreads like wild fire.

The big picture has to be looked at some times and even if it means destroying cities and towns in a country to stop terrorists it is saving humanity as a whole. Even though conflicts are common in this day an age there are ideals which can make a conflict just. There are still ideals today that can make a war just. If a country is making biological weapons and they do not destroy them, to go to war with that country would be just, because they are making deadly weapons that can wipe out a small country which is a potential to every other country in the world.

Also another ideal is the killing of innocent lives. If a country begins to kill innocent bystanders due to a campaign or belief a war against them would be just. Also threats of attack are taken extremely seriously as if they are ignored and an attack takes place the ignorant president will be bombarded by the public. The main ideal to make a war just is to avoid a war at all costs in the first place. A war must be avoided at all costs as lots of innocent lives will be lost in a war and homes will be destroyed.

If we as individuals can avoid conflict with others through compromising and communication then the representatives of our countries should be able to do this. Basically ideals to make a war just are the killing of innocent lives, the production of weapons of mass destruction, threats to other countries and avoiding war till it is unavoidable. There is no question that a war can be just in the modern day due to certain ideals. Presidents have control of their countries actions and most of them have morals. If somebody has morals they will not want to go to war and will only use war as a last resort.

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