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Theme and Premise of Sammon’s Strategy book Assignment

The President of the United States, with all his thoughts and emotions, and most importantly his presidential line of attack definitely serve to be valuable and challenging themes to discuss. This is because the American leader is always to be considered as a worthy source of news. As such, all his ideas, actions and above all, policy or approach towards running a powerful and rich country such as the U. S are definitely newsworthy and deserve to land on the front pages of print media and be part of broadcast media’s top news.

Such condition holds true in mainstream journalism specifically for true-blooded journalist or newspaper man. Reporting U. S. President George W. Bush’s activities at the White House and how he and his officials planned on how to run the country is absolutely an interesting yet demanding task. Beyond the chronicle however, it is more valuable to learn and acknowledge how the American leader is perceived and understand by his people.

Hence, for a journalist and author of acclaimed literary works, it is therefore significant to reveal a true side of President Bush which has not been seen and realized. Taking into consideration his strategically- formulated and implemented policies toward terrorism as well as dealing with the Democrats and media, it is ultimately significant to effectively present that the 43rd U. S. President is misunderestimated and misunderstood. In doing so, the need for people to realize the value of his work is achieved despite the allegation and wrong impression hurled against him.

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The said principle concerning President Bush and his leadership was what Washington Times White House correspondent Bill Sammon successfully and efficiently exemplified in his book “Strategy: How George W. Bush is Defeating Terrorists, Outwitting Democrats, and Confounding the Mainstream Media. ” In particular, the Sammon material, which is the third of the series of his New York Times bestsellers, relevantly provided the public with details of how President Bush and his top officials planned and even maneuvered their policy and approach in dealing with the main concerns of the administration.

Borrowed from a skit of the Saturday Night Live show, the term “Strategy” was sarcastically used by Bush and his White House team to describe the nature of their meetings. Such discussions, which usually occurred inside the West Wing office of Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, represented the main ideas or themes of the Sammon book. This is for the reason that the meetings correspond to the supposed tactic used by the Bush administration in addressing and eventually dealing with three of the top concerns of the President.

Hence, the book clearly talked about the strategy employed by President Bush and his top White House aides when they dealt with issues concerning terrorists, the Republicans and media. Sammon also borrowed the “Strategy” term as part of the title of his book to effectively manifest the principle and practice that surround the Bush administration. Given an extraordinary access to the White House where he got the chance to chronicle the strategies of President Bush and the rest of the President’s men, Sammon used the opportunity to correct the rather wrong impression on the American leader and his policies.

From the standpoint of an objective author, Sammon argued that President Bush’s strategy towards terrorism, the Republicans and media were incorrectly classified as harmful and offensive policies that eventually put the President in bad light. It is essential to consider that the book’s theme is all about the fresh yet aggressive strategy of President Bush and that the author’s premise signifies that it is just fair and necessary to correct President’s Bush’s negative image as evidenced by his performance approval rating (Sammon 329).

In a dynamic and intense coverage of Bush and his second White House term, the author revealed the never-before seen manner of leadership of President Bush. The condition was manifested by the Sammon book especially those which concern his administration approaches. In paving the way for people’s understanding of President Bush, the book and its author adhered to and uphold the main idea of Presidential strategy and premise that the American leader is, in fact, unfairly misjudged due to his approach in beating the violent terrorist activities, outsmarting his Democrat critics and most significantly, confusing the members of the media.

Personally, it is my position that the main point or argument was supported by the author and his book. This made me like the book since it is my opinion that Sammon and his work “Strategy” did not manifest partiality. This is because the author, through the book, objectively presented and analyzed the strategies utilized by President Bush and his men when they handled three issues concerning terrorists, the Democrats and media members. I find the book valuable not only because its main point and the author’s premise were clearly presented but mostly because of the implication it created.

The book’s theme paved the way for the public’s realization of the need to embark on presidential strategy for the interest of the nation and people. Most importantly, Sammon’s argument ultimately corrected a rather wrong impression concerning the American leader and his approach towards terrorism as well as members of the Democratic Party and media. In particular, the book’s theme or idea of how President Bush and his men strategically created and carried-out scheme to fight terrorism was evidently presented by the book.

This is when Sammon wrote on Bush administration’s “strategy of promoting reform across the Middle East” (Sammon 32). To justify the strategy, Sammon cited the evidence gave President Bush when he told the author “We’ve had some success Bill, as a result of the decision I took…Take Libya, for example” (Sammon 32). Aside from the strategy of fielding American troops in terrorist-laden countries, the President effectively banked on the integrity of the entire U. S. military.

This is proven when he went through a “two-track strategy” where he denounced the abuses made by American soldiers and removed the “bad apples” from the rest of the military groups. As a proof, the book cited President Bush when he said “I was not going to allow the action of those folks to stain the honor of the rest of the troops, because I know how great they are” (Sammon 45). In fact, it is worthy to note that due to the Administration’s aggressive strategy in defeating terrorists, President Bush’s tactic likewise scored on outwitting his rival Democrats.

This was proven by the book when it presented an incident where even Democratic Senator Zell Miller sided with Bush and said “In this hour of danger, our president has had the courage to stand up…And this Democrat is proud to stand up with him” (Sammon 109). As regards the strategy of confounding the mainstream media, it was apparent for the Bush administration to embark on an approach to remedy the fault and burden brought about by the negative media image due to the death of American soldiers in Iraq.

The book then explored such strategy which comprises a seven-minute documentary titled “What We’ve Accomplished” that praised the Administration’s efforts in resolving problems such as the reported evil ruling of Saddam Hussein. The said strategy which targeted the media was carried-out in a way that the public was informed of the benefits rather than damages created by the President’s decision to fight terrorism head on (Sammon 46-52).

Sammon’s “Strategy” book is indeed a valuable and commendable material. This is because the book’s main idea and its author’s premise clearly paved the way for the acknowledgement that strategy is definitely important in order to address and eventually resolve the country’s problems such as on terrorism. Ultimately, the book made the public realize that beyond the criticisms against the strategy used by Bush and his men; such policy is worthy and beneficial to American and its people.

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