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The Stove Technology Assignment

Our methods of cooking have changed over time, like some people still do today, ancient people cooked over coal, but today all we have to do is turn a knob to get the fire going. The technology of stoves/ovens has had an enormous impact on my life. Learning how to cook from a young age has resulted in the stove being a major tool for me. I cook 6 days out of the week, and having a stove has allowed me to bring happiness to many people, which is probably my favorite thing about it. Of all the tools I have access to (computers, automobiles, sewing machines, etc.), I use the stove most frequently. Stoves are one of the greatest inventions I have known. I enjoy cooking, and this technology makes it exciting.

The first stove I remember was my grandmother’s wood stove. It was about 70 years old, and was square made out of stones with an opening in the front, which is where my grandmother would put the wood that was gathered. Some of my favorite meals were the ackee and fried dumplings made on that wood stove. Technological advances have given us many cooking accessories over time, but to me, nothing beats a working stove.

Aside from bringing happiness to others, being able to use a stove has helped me in many other ways. For instance, I don’t have to gather fire wood anymore, or wait for the wood to burn down before the pot is placed on it. I also don’t have to cook outside anymore, which is great. But most importantly, I no longer have to inhale the smoke from the fire. These are great advantages.

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A stove allows me to cook the foods I want to eat without any extra additives. This allows my family and I too maintain healthy eating habits. For example, instead of going to restaurants and ordering a meal that is most likely pre-cooked and then heated up in a microwave before being brought out to me, I can turn on my stove and prepare a healthy meal that tastes great, and my family enjoys. The technology of the stove not only gives my food a taste that cannot be reached with a microwave, but it saves me hundreds of dollars in food bills every month. The looks and engineering of stoves have changed over time, but the benefits of using one remains the same.

My life would be completely different if I didn’t have or know how to use a stove. If the technology of stoves/ovens wasn’t around, a lot of people wouldn’t be interested in culinary arts, owning restaurants, or wanting to work in the food industry . So for me, the technology of stoves/ovens has impacted my life to the point where I’m working towards a degree in culinary arts, and restaurant management. I want to help people who can’t afford a freshly prepared, healthy meal. I hope to bring smiles and life enjoyment to many others.

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