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The Story Of Pompeii Essay

I am Dalmius son of Icarus; this account is drafted from my father’s diary who sadly passed away and fellow citizens that escaped and live to tell the tale. He sent me away because of the noise, let us proceed.

I write this account in the early hours of the morning, I was woken by a loud bang I presume coming from the mountains, the dawn has yet to appear.

The black mountain rumbles loudly today, the birds fly around confused by the great noise, flying into houses, falling onto the ground in their hundred’s this strange behaviour I have never seen before. I have sent my son Dalmius away to my Uncle’s house in Naples, my wife and I see no reason to leave; We have nice pastured land gifted from the God’s our cattle produce more than sufficient food. We must have upset the God’s for this unusual behaviour to have commenced.

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As I look out of my window through a strange mist and haze the sun is now a glorious orange.

Ablaze in the sky. This heralds the start of my day, whilst milking the cows the rumble of the God’s is now becoming continues and increasingly louder, as I make my way from the fields to the Market place I am struck by the lack of my fellow citizens the noise is now all consuming and I am finding it increasingly difficult to collect my thoughts. I stopped and spoke to my neighbour Lucius who has informed me that many of the population are fleeing through the seven city gates scared of what the God’s have in store for us.

Lucius and I have decided to stop and take a glass of wine and a small snack this has given me a chance to relax and gather my thoughts how I have needed this chance to speak to someone and explain my fears my wife I have tried to protect her form my constant misgivings. Lucius suggested that we return to his villa where he had some new pottery he wished to show me.

As we left the tavern I found that my body was shaking uncontrollably, I stopped and then to my horror realised this was not me but the ground beneath my feet, at the same time we realised that out of the sky fell black rain this felt hot as it touched our skins, We ran as quickly as we could as we turned the corner to our horror and surprise we notice that our houses were on fire. I screamed No my beloved wife is still in there. I fought through the blaze only to find that I was to late my Wife lay dead, I cried out to the God’s what have I done to deserve this.

I shouted to Lucius We must make our escape there is no reason now to stay, this town is cursed, we made for the main gate our feet were being burnt as we ran people were running and screaming chaos is all around. We decided we would be trampled on if we continued along this route, we ran to one of the side gates Lucius told me that he felt faint and that there was a pounding in his chest he fell to his knees he screamed go on you must survive for Dalmius, he drew his last breath, and I had no choice but to leave him there.

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