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The Persians Essay

The Persians wars were a series of wars between the Greeks and the Persians, which took place from 492 BC to 448 BC. The four most popular battles that took place in this war were the Battle of Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis, and Plataea, which are some of the most important battles in history. After this war that’s been going on for a while, in August 479 BCE, the Greeks gained victory against the Persians in the Persians wars. The Greeks achieve victory in August 479 BCE at Plataea in Boeotia when it ended, but the victory started in September 480 BCE at the battle of Salamis in the Saronic Gulf (Cartwright).

Where they fought on ships called the trireme, which “was a light wooden ship, highly maneuverable and fitted with a bronze battering ram at the bow which could disable enemy vessels”. The triremes helped a lot because Athens deiced to ram their ships into the Persians large ships and damage it so bad they didn’t have nowhere to go, so the Persians retreated back to Persia which gave the Greeks the victory but it didn’t end there. The last memorial battle and the largest through the Persians wars took place at Plataea in Boeotia which continued from the battle of Salamis.

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The Greeks fielded the largest hoplite army ever seen which came from some 30 city-states and numbered around 110,000” (Cartwright). The Persians believed to have the same amount or more but there’s not much facts to that. (Cartwright). In this war and in the others the Greeks used a long ash wood spear (doru) which had a bronze or iron blade and a four-sided end spike (sauroter), and a short sword (xiphos) which was made of iron with a straight or sometimes curved blade called machaira or kopis (Cartwright).

The most important strategy was a formation the Greeks used called phalanx which was a tight formation of standing side by side each man protected each other with their large circular shield, carried on their left arm. So just by staying true to their strategies and having the help of the weapons made it possible for the Greeks to gain victory against Persia in the Persian wars.

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