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The Only Thing We Have to Fear Essay

Is Fear The creature of deep-settled uneasiness prowls in the realm of your subliminal mind. It creeps with assurance; very familiar with Its prey. It slowly eases Its way around the serpentine vines that shield the fragile peace and tranquillity. Being cautious as to not attack to rapidly, it envelops its prey with its puissant body, suffocating It of all certitude. Without warning It mercilessly injects Its all-consuming rancour into the decrepit veins, then slowly depletes the mind of any sureness, courage and optimism. The body becomes a lifeless tool, now a puppet primed to be manipulated.

It isn’t what we know that frightens us. Once we start to doubt what we once were undeniably sure of, we become afraid. Every human is a victim of fear’s spasmodic grip on their mind. Lurking in the depths of our being, this uncertainty Is ingrained within us from the moment we breathed our very first breath. Like a poison, fear has the ability to create an Illusion that life Is so small, almost not worth living. Seeking help becomes all the more challenging as feelings of ineffable loneliness and despair ooze through the crepuscular crevices of your mind.

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As the child lays In her bed watching the oddly-shaped shadows outside her putrescent windows and listens to the eerie crackling sounds of dry Autumn leaves, images of forbidding monsters and demons her subconscious outlines so dexterously come to life. Years later she lay in that same bed, only on this occasion It’s not the dancing figures of shadows that cause her to curl her knees in tightly and cocoon herself within the bedcovers. This time she dreads the crunching of the door handle and the violent words that crush her more than the merciless hands that bruise her youthful kin. As she evolves, so do her fears.

Like a coat she sheds through the seasons of life; one layer of uncertainty exuviates and the next already replacing the one above it. She never escapes her fears, although they may transform their appearance, they never completely disappear. Escalating heartbeats to the point of hospital admission, the unceasing anxiety that some experience is an intensified form of fear which has gotten to the point where it takes over the individual’s capacity to think rationally. This irrepressible anxiety drives them to the point where the noxious oubts, inadequacy and insecurity have baleful effects on the body.

This voracious creatures’ venom that first pervaded the mind has diffused and engulfed the entire being. We are all slaves of our thoughts. Our thoughts can create alternate realities that we can enrobe ourselves in , causing us to act, at times unaware. We slowly create a world of falseness based on our self-created prejudices and limits. We continue to live in ignorance without second-thoughts of questioning our own beliefs, as we hanker to shield the idolised comfort, security and control we have taken so long to create.

Essentially, what we fear most is fear itself. Once we are able to unhinge the hold that fears trenchant claws have on us, we can open gateways of infinite possibilities and ever-expanding potential. We unfasten the trammelled ‘ comprehend. Our abilities are endless. The ferocity that is fear can only make us diseased for so long and we can choose to develop an immunity to the infectious negativity. Although the dormant state of fear will always be deep within us, we can once again become salubrious in mind and body by the thoughts we think and the decisions we make.

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