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The Nature of a British Proprietary Colony Assignment

The British and the Proprietary colonies were the first to settle a permanent colony in South Carolina in 1680. The colonist established center of political and economical life in the Southern Carolina’s and named a colony. Charles town was named after King Charles. Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper hoped to create and ideal society in America. He wanted to create his own utopia where a few gentlemen rule with the consent of small property holders. Cooper drew up the fundamental constitutions. The design helped Carolina get its first Proprietary governor as a Council of Lords that would recommend laws to Parliament elected by lesser landowners.

Davidson, James. Nation of Nations. 6. 1. New York, New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008. 74-76. Print. William Berkley and Sir John Collenton were the main people who convinced King Charles II to agree to make the Joint Proprietors. Then Sir Anthony Cooper drew up a intricate scheme, which set up the Fundamental Constitutions which provided Carolina with a proprietary governor. The result was not good because instead of peacefully observing its provisions, they Carolinians and immigrants from Barbados plunged into the economic and political wrangling that plagued Maryland’s first government.

Also thanks to the Indian slave wars, the colonist almost destroyed the colony altogether. Thanks to King Charles II, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper became one of the eight lord proprietors. Being a Lord Proprietor, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper dreamt up a plan for South Carolina to become a great town port, which it did fulfill. The settlement was subject to attack from sea and land and has been attacked many times. Charlestown was the center for further expansion and the southern most point for English settlement. “A Brief History of South Carolina. ” scdah. c. gov. N. p. , n. d. Web. 9 Nov 2010. <http://scdah. sc. gov/aboutus/schistory. htm>.

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After Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper became a lord proprietor, he wanted to make South Carolina a great town port. He did this by choosing a place and having the city moved closed to the sea. Since the settlement was moved closer to the sea it got attack a lot more by many different countries. Thanks to the 1680 plan for new settlement “The Grand Model” laid out how they wanted their city to look. Since Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper moved the settlement closer to the sea, it ade it a great port town. Due to it being closer to the sea it got attacked much more and also help build walls around the city. Thanks to the Grand Model it helped the settlers on how to make the city look.

The only building from the walled city that still remains is The Powder Magazine. The Proprietors realized that not only one person can control the Carolina’s because it was a hassle going back and forth and the distance between each colony was very great. So they made one governor for all of Carolina and a deputy governor for the northern half.

Soon they split North and South Carolina into two parts. Then started to have eight Proprietors to govern South Carolina. The King started to feel the Proprietors weren’t doing their jobs and took back the land. Walbert, David. “A Royal Colony. ” Learnnc. org. N. p. , n. d. Web. 9 Nov 2010. <http://www. learnnc. org/lp/editions/nchist-colonial/1973> They chose to make one person govern all of Carolina by picking who would be best at it. In the end it this process didn’t work and they split up Carolina into two parts which became North and South Carolina.

The King took South Carolina’s land back because it was more valuable then the north. He started to govern the land himself and make it into a Royal Colony. Since the King decided to take the land back, seven of the eight Proprietors sold their land back to the King. The man who kept his land was John Carteret, descendent of Sir George Carteret, one of the original Lord Proprietors. His land would soon cause problems for the colonist later on. After all the research I have done on this topic, I found the book source most helpful in understanding the British Proprietary Colonies of South Carolina.

It showed all the hardships the colonist had to go through to get rid of the Lord Proprietors and to make it into a Royal Colony. I have learned a lot of history about South Carolina and the split it had with North Carolina. In the end, I thought how the Lord Proprietors tried to rule the colonies were wrong but, thanks to it helped shape what kind of country we didn’t want ours to be. Also thanks to King Charles II taking the land back from the Proprietors helped make South Carolina a Royal Colony. Then how they made Charlestown into a port town, which made trading with other countries much easier for the city.

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